How To Choose The Right Condom

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The invention of condoms revolutionized the whole concept of having sex. Sex became safer and more secure by the introduction of condoms. What’s next? Condoms that change colour on detecting STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). You will be surprised to know the fact that some students at the Isaac Newton Academy at Essex have developed condoms that change colours. The idea is to prevent the transmission of various diseases through the exchange of body fluids. For example, the condom will turn green, purple, blue or yellow for different types of STDs to make sure that people have sex safely than ever before.

The condom market is expanding day by day. As I mentioned earlier, new condoms are being invented to make sex easier and safer. Having so many types to choose from, one may get confused with choosing the right condom according to their needs.

The first thing you need to consider is the size:

The penis size may vary for different people, especially among different races. So the condom should neither be too lose nor be too tight. Choose the condom that fits your size.

People have different tastes:

The same goes in the case of condoms. There are plenty of flavoured condoms available in the market, like the chocolate and strawberry flavoured. Choose the flavour according to your taste.

Most people don’t like to use condoms because they reduce the pleasure. This is highly dependent on the thickness of the condom. The thinner the condom, higher the pleasure since ultra-thin condoms won’t bother you when you are having sex and they don’t compromise on the safety.

If you are having trouble having sex with your partner, then you should give a try on the lubricated condoms, which uses a lubricating agent coated over the agent, thereby reducing the friction and ensuring a smooth sex. On the contrary, if you are that kind of guy, looking for a rough and wild experience, then the dotted condoms is the best to choose. They are most enjoyed by the women by achieving a wild orgasm experience.

The latex and rubber condoms sound too artificial for some people. They don’t like any artificial materials being involved while having sex. The lambskin condoms are for those people who like it natural. The condoms are literally made out of lamb skin, providing a skinny look and increased levels of sensitivity. Even though it costs a little bit more than the ordinary condoms, it is definitely worth every penny you are spending on.

List of top five condoms

Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms

kamasutra condom

The Kamasutra ribbed condoms provide intense pleasure for both men and women involved in the sex by the ribbed design. Each moment will be enjoyable by using this condom.

Moods premium dotted condoms


This dotted condom from the moods ensures maximum oral pleasure and is suitable for those who are looking for a wild sexual experience.

Durex feel thin condoms


These ultra-thin condoms will make you feel like you are not wearing any condoms at all. The transparent material will spice up the sex and it is also lubricated for a smooth sex experience.

Moods chocolate condoms


The chocolate flavour used in this condom will tremendously boost the pleasure and it can turn on any man or women at any time they want. The chocolate flavour will turn the partners very playful having fun experience of sex.

Kamasutra warm intimacy


The warm intimacy condom is made of skin friendly material that will arouse you when you put it on. The condom will provide warm sensations for both the male and female during the sex providing a greater intimacy.

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