How To Get Rid of Sunburns Quickly?


You will not deny that to treat sunburns is more difficult than to prevent them. And it is a serious matter as most adults express the afflictions of having sunburn at least once in a year. You are sure to be free of sunburn quicker by applying ice and using aloe vera, also watching for any signs of possible heat stroke or infections. Further you will learn some quick tips to get rid of sunburns instantly.

Take a shower

After coming from a hot tour, take a good long cold shower. The skin continues to burn after you staying a long time under the sun. Hence, it is important to take a shower to alleviate the hotness and intensity your body is going through. Also staying under the flow of cold water for 10 minutes will reduce the burn’s severity.

Apply aloe vera

Apply aloe vera based lotion once you are out of shower. Using a towel pat your body skin dry. After drying, the lotion will lead to smoothening of the skin.

Aloe vera makes a brilliant cooling as well as healing treatment agent for skin problems. However, be careful as many aloe vera gels consist of alcohol, which lead to dry skin making the healing of sunburns difficult.

What is the best way to use aloe vera?

The best way would be to apply it directly on the skin freshly taken out from the stalk of fresh plant. The aloe vera lotion sans fragrance is easier to spread on wider sections of the body.

Drink plenty of water:

Do you know what prolonged sun exposure leads to? Dehydration! And the best way to prevent this is to drink lot of water. Have at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. You can also try alternate sources of hydration including fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables.

Summer Skincare

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Avoid using acne medications

Don’t use makeup or lotions with strong fragrance during summers. Don’t use acne medications as they make your skin vulnerable to sun, thus increasing the redness.

Make cold compress:

Make cold compress and apply the same over your skin. Following are some good compress choices:

Take a damp paper towel wrapped with 3 ice cubes. Gently press the affected area with this cool towel for, say, 5 minutes.

Release the heat from the tea. Allow it to cool till it is lukewarm and remove tea bags. Place these tea bags on your sunburn for 7 minutes. It reduces inflammation. You can even apply this tea over entire burn area.

Bonus tip about lotions:

You have a sunburn lotion? Great! Now refrigerate it. Now when you apply this chilled lotion it will give you a soothing relief.

Other precautions:

  • Don’t burst open the blisters caused due to sunburn. This will further encourage infection. Leave it to heal.
  • Apply antibacterial sprays on affected areas which break open.
  • Don’t let the sunburn affected area get in contact with bandages, clothing or heavy lotions.

Use aloe vera when the blisters don’t easily pop off.

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