How to Increase your Immunity

immune system

How strong is your body’s immunity system? Can it shield you against the deadly virus and bacterial infections and diseases such as common influenza or the severe Swine flu? With a huge number of people sneezing and coughing around us, protecting our health from such infection gets a bit difficult. At one point, due to the constant attack of germs, even our body’s immunity system gives up its fight against the powerful microbes. In such situations, the only way to keep yourself healthy is to increase your immunity and hence, your resistance against diseases.

But, how do you increase your body’s immunity? Well, there are two ways you can increase your immunity: Firstly – Follow a healthy eating and exercising schedule; Secondly – Follow a regular schedule and take help of herbal supplements to boost your immunity.

Eat Healthy and stay in-Shape

This is perhaps the most basic necessity of your body to enhance your immunity power. Our body largely depends on the food we eat to fight germs and infections. Thus, it gets important for you to eat a proper balanced mean including everything from green leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits and also dairy products. Make sure you have a well balanced diet which will help your body stay prepared for all antibodies and infections.

Also make sure to follow a simple exercise regime to ensure that your body stays fit and strong physically to fight infections.

Herbal supplements:

These days, apart from a normal well-balanced diet, your body needs something more to fight against the new infections and diseases. A good diet can help you stay fit, but with the wide range of infections and diseases breaking out around us, it gets essential that we prepare our body to fight even these new infections. Thus, herbal supplements are the apt solution for you.

Herbal supplements such as the Himalaya Guduchi immuno-modulator which helps your body stay healthy by increasing the immunity of your body and also treats infections such as UTI, arthritis, gout and other conditions related to your joints. The supplement increases the effect of White Blood Cells (the soldiers of our body) and helps build up the body’s own defense system. The supplement inhibits bacterial growth while also increasing the body’s immunity by boosting the functioning of the protective cells and macrophages. The supplement is highly recommended for cancer patients undergoing the painful chemotherapy treatment. The aqueous extract in the supplement has certain phagocytic index which is known to improve the functioning of the body’s protective cells. This supplement is also extremely beneficial in managing your respiratory soft tissues and the skin tissues. So, if you really wish to boost your health and prepare it to fight against the various bacteria and viruses, this herbal supplement is the optimal choice for you.

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