How to Keep your Vagina Clean?


Vagina is the most important part of a woman’s body. Right from her early childhood days, her teenage stage and the days of femininity, the vagina plays a key role, in making her Feel like a woman. Keeping the vagina clean and safe from infections is also the most important thing for a woman. If not cared and cleaned, it may lead to vaginal infections a number of other diseases. But, cleaning a vagina doesn’t really mean, wiping it all the time with vaginal wipes or douches. The vagina has its own cleansing system. The good health of your Vagina largely depends on your overall good health which includes your diet and exercise regime. Apart from this, here are a few must know tips that will help you keep your vagina clean always.

Wash your Vagina

Washing your vagina is a good thing, but make sure you avoid using perfumed soaps, antiseptics and gels as they can disturb the pH level in your vagina and also affect the healthy bacteria in it. A change in the pH level and bacterial balance can cause irritation in the Vagina.

Intimate care products

Tip: Use plain, vagina special shampoo or soap that help keep the pH level balanced and cleanses the vulva carefully without affecting the good bacteria inside. Use intimate wash and cream to ensure the hygiene of your vagina.

Vaginal douches

Use a vaginal douche to cleanse the vagina from within. A douche clears out the vaginal secretions by flushing water into the vagina. However, this can also affect the good bacteria in the vagina. So, its not the best of ways to keep your vagina clean.

Scented wipes or Vaginal deodorants

Perfumed products affect the health of your vagina. You don’t have to use lavender or rose based soaps to make your vagina smell like flowers. You simply need plain soap and water to keep your vagina clean.

The odor of your vagina changes based on its internal health! If your vaginal discharge smells unpleasant, then you need to get it checked by your gynecologist. It can be easily treated with a few antibiotics.

Safer Sex

Having safe sex can also help you keep your vagina clean. In order to avoid bacterial or viral infections in the vagina, you need to make sure that your partner wears a fresh condom every time. If not, then you can get affected and suffer from infections such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, genital herpes, HIV and genital warts.

Go for cervical screening

Women aged above 25 should preferably go for cervical screening in a regular basis. This screening helps register even the slightest changes in the cervix. As a result, you can avoid or even treat cervical cancer.

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