How To Pack Your Travel Backpack- Including All Travel Essentials?

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Travelling is a perfect leisure getaway to achieve spiritual calmness, vital for a healthy mind and body. And after that tedious everyday schedule at work or home, you deserve a break. And what’s a better break than travelling to a soothing beach or an island.

Going on a travel expedition? You might find these travel essentials handy.

The must have travel packing essentials:

  1. TORCH


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Torch is useful in many ways. If you don’t want to bother your group members, then you might prefer a torch than switching on the main lights frequently in say a hotel room or a dorm room. Also torch is a must during trekking expeditions and for exploring caves.


pee safe wipes


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They may seem somewhat out-of-fashion but trust me they’re something which you will miss a lot when you don’t have them. You will call wet wipes as divine gifts from the travel Gods when you use these for cleaning up scrapes and scratches, for mopping dust from your flip flops, for wiping the sweat from your face or freshening-up (very important when you can’t have a shower!).


Consider you are enjoying your leisure stroll over a hill and suddenly a branch tears of your backpack. In such times, duct tapes are unmatchable saviors. Imagine not having one of them and till you complete the journey there is no way you can buy another backpack!



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Imagine you catch a glimpse of a beautiful scenery or a rare-looking bird and you only were not able to capture that memory! Cameras are a proof of your living moments which you can capture and keep it with you and show them to your friends or perhaps put it on display if you are a photography fanatic and earn some dollars!


Unfortunately, travelling without money isn’t possible, at least in this world. However, instead of carrying stacks of cash with you which can put you in vulnerable situations, prefer carrying credit or debit cards; now even exclusive Travel Cash cards are available with amazing offers.


sleeping bag

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This commodity is definitely a travel essential which you cannot miss especially those travelling on a set budget. This cozy companion will lend you a helping couch to relax yourself while travelling, or at certain camping places you might stay. It will keep you protected against the many harmful bed bugs which often lurk at most places. So pop one of the sleeping bag liners in your backpack, and get a good night’s sleep anywhere, anytime.


This is regardless to say that keeping a passport with you is always beneficial. Say you are asked some proofs of your identity for any purpose for instance while accessing a cyber café, or some urgent government or legal work comes up, the passport alone will save you as it is unanimously accepted document anywhere in the world.


Are you a student? Are you under 26? Are you a teacher? If any of those match with you, then you are lucky enough to be eligible for a discount card. This card is valuable as you can use it anywhere in the world to avail discount offers which covers eateries guidebooks, and staying at places. You can also consider getting a YHA card and save your money at the branches of Youth Hostel Association hostels across the world.

Don’t miss out on carrying medicines like paracetamol and Tiger Balm will protect you against headaches, aching muscles and insect bites.

Have a safe and happy journey!

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