How To Use Blood Pressure Monitor?


What is the first thing that your doctor does when you go visit him once in a while? Checks your body blood pressure! Yes… you are absolutely right! It is one of the basic body checkups that signifies whether or not all your body vitals are in their perfect state. A little change in your blood pressure and you will see its effect on your health. Thus, it is very important that you keep it under control. But, is it good that you get your blood pressure checked only once in a fortnight? What if your blood pressure fluctuates all of a sudden and you remain unaware of this fact? Such a fluctuation can lead to several health conditions, some minor while some can be real fatal. A blood pressure unit for your home is something that will help you to keep an eye on your Blood pressure and thus, avoid extreme health effects!

Before you use a blood pressure monitor at home, it is essential that you learn how and when to use it. So, here is a small basic step-by-step description on using a blood pressure monitor.

Why To Monitor your Blood  Pressure?

When you monitor your blood pressure, you tend to keep your heart protected. This helps boost your confidence level about your health and lets you know whether your medicines are aiding in your treatment.

But, when you check it several times a day, it may also increase your anxiety, which indeed is not good for your health. Thus, if monitoring your blood pressure is good for your health, over-monitoring can be equally bad.

How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Blood pressure monitors are now easily available in all medical stores these days, also on all online health care websites. However, the old machines are now replaced with new machines, the digital ones that are easy to use and are also easily available in almost all stores. But, before you buy them, you have to make sure that you learn how to use them rightly. So, here is a brief introduction about these new electric blood pressure machines.

– Choose the right time to measure your blood pressure. Your body blood pressure can be comparatively higher when you need to use the toilet or have eaten your meal. It can also be high of you have just recently had a cup of coffee or a smoke.

– While measuring your blood pressure, remember to wear loose fitting clothes. This will allow you to push up your sleeves easily.

– Always measure the blood pressure on the same arm. Measuring it on different hands will give you different readings. For a more accurate reading, always make sure you measure your blood pressure on the same arm as your doctor or a nurse.

– Lay down or sit quietly on a chair for 5 minutes before you measure your blood pressure. keep your arms straight and resting on a surface near you.

– Place the cuff on your arm and in the same level as your heart. Use a cushion if you need to bring the hand to the level of your heart. Stay relaxed and take slow and steady breaths.

– Keep still while taking the reading. Avoid talking.

– Make sure the batteries in the machine are powered.

– In case you want to take a second reading, make sure you have a small time interval of 2 – 4 minutes.