How Your Weight Affects Your Cancer Risks?


Taking good care of your health is one of the most primary requirements today! It doesn’t quite matter whether you are just a 20 year old adult or a 40 year old person. All that really matters is that you follow a basic diet and exercise regime for a longer and cancer free life. Yes.. Your bodyweight plays an important role in determining whether or not you may be at an increased risk for cancer.

According to a survey in the United States, it was known that 1 out of 3 deaths (caused due to cancer) was linked to poor nutrition, excess body weight and absence of any physical activity. These are the basic 3 factors that contribute to cancer, particularly a person’s body weight.

Talking of body weight and cancer, it directly implies to the amount of fat present in your body, which increases the risk for cancer in a person. Earlier, fat cells in our body were considered important for storing energy in our body. But, because they are metabolically active and produce hormones, the chemicals from them affects our body’s immunity and it ability to fight against diseases. Thus, more the body fat, more is your health at risk for diabetes, cancer and heart conditions. The fat accumulation on your waist directly disrupts the hormone balance in your body leading you to a higher risk for uterine and breast cancer.

Being Obese leads you to the following types of cancer risks.

– Breast Cancer

– Endometrium Cancer

– Colon and Rectum Cancer

– Esophagus Cancer

– Pancreas

– Kidney

Apart from these basic forms of cancer, Obesity also leads to cancers in the:

– Liver

– Gallbladder

– Multiple Myeloma

– Cervix

– Ovary

– Prostate Cancer

The link between cancer and body weight is very complex, and not yet understood completely. The time of weight gain and age also contribute in increasing your risk for cancer. For instance, women nearing their menopause or who have already reached menopause, are always at a higher risk for gaining weight due to the changing body metabolic activities, and hence also at an increased risk for Cancer!

Cancer and Body Weight – Understanding the link

Our body weight affects our body’s metabolic activities which cause the various health problems we suffer as a consequence. A balanced and healthy body has a normal metabolic activity, which keeps us healthy. Excess body weight hampers the healthy metabolic activities, leading to:

– Inflammation

– Decreased Immunity

– Insulin-like Growth Factor – 1 (factors which regulate cell growth)

– Hormonal imbalance (caused due to excessive hormones produced by the fat cells)

Can Weight Loss Decrease the Cancer Risk?

There are very limited researches which prove that decreased body weight can help in decreasing cancer risk. However, there is evidence that show how weight loss helped people reduce their risk for cancer (especially in women, after menopause for breast cancer).

Weight Loss directly helps reduce the hormonal imbalance, pushing the body fat cells to function in their normal range, thus decreasing the production of chemicals and hormones which increase the risk of cancer in you. This also helps in decreasing the risk for other health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, etc.

A proper body weight also helps you to stay physically active, healthy and relaxed forever. But, in order to enjoy a longer, healthier and happier life, you need to make sure that you follow a balanced diet and also a simple exercise regime that keeps you fit always.

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