India Celebrates 67th Republic Day


Sare Jahan Se Acha, Hindostaan Humara…” yes, we are talking about the upcoming national celebration. India celebrates its 67th Republic Day on 26th of January, 2016,  also, commonly known as Purna Swaraj Diwas.

This is the date on which the Constitution of India came into force in place of The Government of India Act. This day is declared as the gazetted holiday in the entire nation by the Government of India. It has been confirmed that France President Francois Hollande would be the chief guest of the President of India for the celebrations of the Republic Day.

Republic Day celebration is majorly held in the national capital at the Raisina hills along the Rajpath to pay a homage to the country. Grand parade and salute celebrations take place to signify the glory of India. The flag hoisting ceremony is performed by the Prime Minister of India followed by a speech ceremony.

Indian Army's MBT Arjun MK-I tanks are driven for display during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi


It is celebrated with full zeal across the country by the students, teachers in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. School children perform dance parade by singing patriotic songs. Armed Forces staff perform motorcycle rides in order to salute the President, guests and audience. National awards and medals are also distributed to soldiers, common people and school students. Various cultural programs are performed by the different state professionals to pave the importance of history and culture of India. Apart from the national capital region, the sate capitals also organise programs and parades to salute the state Governor. School students participate in flag hoisting ceremony, cultural events, school march pasts and they are distributed sweets and chocolates to commemorate the special day. Media covers a great part of the event and reach to the mass, live through television or internet. This helps every citizen to know more about the cultural heritage of the country.

Every year more than one lakh spectators attend the grand celebration as viewers and add up to the pomp and glory. People from every age group are enthusiastic to be a part of the celebration even as an audience. In order to facilitate people to watch the Republic Day celebration, the sale of tickets has already commenced.

Personal Care:

With the onset of spring, the sun is obvious to be brighter, so one should be careful enough to protect oneself. Put on cold killer socks to beat away the morning chill and apply sunscreen lotion with SPF mark to stay protected from sun rays. Carry caps and water bottles to stay hydrated during the celebration. All essential items can be easily carried inside a sling bag or a light backpack both for participants as well as spectators. The participants should also be alert to keep injury tapes in case of minor pains or injuries. Traffic must be controlled and under check in order to maintain road safety. CCTV surveillance cameras have already been installed at different spots to keep a well check on everything for the great event.

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