Intimate Wipes And Wash For Your Sexual Hygiene!


Intimate hygiene is a big time necessity for women as well as men! After all, a larger part of our life and health depends on our sexual wellness. Whether you have a minor infection or contract a disease, our entire body gets affected by it. However, in the recent times there have been several products that are designed especially for our sexual health, our intimate health. Intimate wipes are one of those very helpful, essential and important products that ensure your hygiene and health at all times.

Why is Intimate hygiene important?

The intimate areas of our body are highly sensitive and require special care, at least better than our other parts of the body. The bacteria residing in our vagina helps keep our vagina clean and infection free naturally. However, a violation in the balance leads to an infection.

Women, as compared to men are more prone to infections in the intimate areas, particularly the female genitals parts. The natural acidic pH in the vagina is under 4.5 which perfectly protects the vagina against a series of micro-organisms and infections. Using soap or other alkaline products in the intimate areas destroys the balance in the vagina, increasing the risk for several types of bacterial and also fungal infections.

Intimate care products such as wipes and wash help in maintaining the hygiene in the vaginal area. They help in keeping the balance intact and thus reducing the chances of conceiving the infection. However, if you don’t choose an appropriate product, the result can be harmful rather than being beneficial.

Intimate Wipes and Wash

Today, a wide variety of intimate wipes and intimate care shampoo’s are available in the market. Each, loaded with certain basic characteristics and a few specific special characters. However, it is very important that you choose a very genuine product which is perfect for your intimate areas. Hence, here are a few tips to help you choose the best intimate care products.

– Check the pH assurance promised by the product. Make sure that the pH is within the level. If not, then don’t even consider buying that product as the result may be very harmful for your intimate health.

– Check the ingredients in the product. Panthenol and allantoin have soothing features in them which can help during irritations.  They also have an interesting moisturizing effect in your genitals.

– Choose a product which also has certain plant extracts in them. For instance, choose camomile or marigold. They have been used for several centuries for their herbal effects. Camomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and also anti-bacterial properties. They help in enhancing the regeneration of micro-damages on the muculous membrane which are caused due to a certain infection.

Marigold is an excellent germicidal, also with a fungicidal property. It helps reduce the development of the infection, also the inflammation.

– Choose to use an appropriate intimate wash based on the ingredients that you think or know will suit you. Don’t try and experiment with the products, as they can lead to rashes.

– Use the best quality of intimate wipes to cleanse your genitals based on your convenience. You can use it after a swim in the swimming pool, at the gym, while travelling, during medical appointments and also while using washrooms in unhygienic places.

– In order to protect yourself from infections, you may also use a toilet seat sanitizer to disinfect the toilet before using. This is however a product for safety and not for the safety of your vagina.

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