Is Motherhood All Bed Of Roses?

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Having a baby is the happiest moment in any mother’s life. But with this happiness comes many responsibilities and with the responsibilities come many fear, anxiety and questions. Every mother has their own intuition and ways to raise their child. So mothers should not panic while raising up their kids.

Here are few tips that can help to make our lives little better while coping up with our little angles.

First Phase:

The day I came back from hospital and put my little one on her cot, oh how much she cried!

 Your baby will cry for a week or ten days but slowly it gets reduced and she learns to sleep, in fact she learns to put herself to sleep too. Your baby grows independent and lets you get peaceful sleep. Even if you are skeptical, put a baby monitor in your child’s room which can well record her moves and cries.

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Second Phase:

“Oh my baby you can eat on your own, mamma’s big girl! Oh no how much mess you have made. Come, let me feed you”. One hour later after trying reading poem, playing games and dancing like a monkey I gave up and switched on the television.

Let your child eat by themselves. Let them make a mess. And when they grow up a little, set them a time limit to finish their food. Believe me, they will learn to eat on their own and on time. They will be more disciplined and you will be more at peace.

  • “My baby doesn’t eat this. I have to run after my baby to feed her”.

My dear mothers, no one can stay hungry, not even our kids. Let them not eat; let them ask for food themselves. Stop running after them. Believe me they will learn to eat everything.

  • “My baby throws tantrums. He starts crying if I don’t give him what he asks for. I feel embarrassed in a shop”.

Mothers stop feeling embarrassed. Everyone goes through this situation at one point or another. Don’t give in to your child’s demands. Learn to be strict and say no. Let them cry, crying is good for their eyes and lungs. They can sense your dilemma and for toddlers start with some reward points. Let them earn these points by helping you, helping others, studying, respecting others, etc. buy them what they want if they have collected certain number of points. Believe me they will be more disciplined and you will be proud of them and yourself.

  • Adopt Time Out and learn to ignore them where necessary. If we are always monitoring or judging them how will they learn to be independent? They have to face this world.

My dear Mothers stop feeling guilty about every move you make to raise them. We are doing our best.  Let the world tell you what they think but no one is a perfect MOM and no one raised a Perfect Baby.

Happy Motherhood! Enjoy every moment do not get stressed. Motherhood cannot be bed of roses.

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Author: Shweta Vaid