Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz – A Blogger Review


With the continuous rains, it was but natural for the mosquitoes to be just there, buzzing around! And with two cranky boys complaining that they were locked at home wasn’t really helping stop the rains or the mosquitoes. While I do my best to keep the pests at bay by using EO’s in diffusers, dhoops and incense sticks at home, there is little that I can do when I have to go outside the house. Whether it is a visit to a mall or just a walk around the park, these mosquito bands came as huge huge respite. Priced at INR 399 for a set of two bands, these are available at SafetyKart. They currently have an offer of a free sipper with each band, so if you have a tot, make use of this offer.

mosquito banditz

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Jungle Banditz : How does it work? : It comes with an instruction manual, but what you need to do is wear it like wrist band or an ankle band. Puncture holes on the protruded portions depending on the desired level of action. I have one hole pierced in the bands and I use one band per boy because the mosquitoes are lesser where I stay, but they are there! I was a bit apprehensive about the fragrance of the product, as soon as I opened the package, the fragrance was slightly strong, but it lessened when kept in the open for a while. As a precautionary measure I wash the hands of my kids before and after they have used this.

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