Keep Your Home Safe Through Maintenance


You are the proud owner of a home and know that the reality is having one’s own home is an unfilled dream for millions. Home owners sometimes still inadvertently ignore home maintenance tasks leading to major costs in the long run.  Maintenance of your home covers not just maintaining for structural damage, but also energy saving and home system maintenance. All these tasks are important to ensure that your home’s sanctity and safety remains intact under the most trying of extenuating circumstances.  Let’s take you through some simple steps to maintain your home and prevent any major losses that could cause a heavy dent in your income or savings:

Take a stroll around your home with your child in tow.  This way you get to spend some time teaching your child and also examine your house exterior.  Look for peeling paint, loose sidings, leaky gutters or drainage causing condensation.  Once you identify these, take immediate measures to fix these as crumbling paint could be the sign of moisture that would definitely need attention.  If you are able to fix these on your own, it will save you time and money.  Else ensure that you enlist the help of a professional only, for long lasting effects.

Another silent enemy is poor oxygenation which can cause water damage that can be as detrimental as damage caused by a leaky roof or burst pipe.  Many times the damage from this reason is greater since it often goes unnoticed for a long time and can also trigger health problems.

The creaky sounds from the boards, cracks in plaster or breaks in concrete means that your house is ‘haunted’ by a structural problem  and requires the expert attention of an engineer or architect to ‘free’ it from this curse.

To keep your home smelling fresh and free of mold and bacteria that can trigger illness, all dirty air filters and ducts in your home’s air-conditioning system, should be regularly monitored and cleaned.

To prevent your precious home against fire hazards, check for tell-tale signs of an overburdened or faulty electrical system.  If you notice plugs and switches getting heated when used or crackling sounds in the main switch, fuses that constantly blow out or even lights flickering when an electrical appliance is used, you should be alarmed.  Call for an expert electrical engineer to rectify or upgrade the electrical system and save your home and loved ones from harm.

Another silent yet devastating menace, are termites.  They are also unseen working their way through wood and can remain undetected till the cupboards or flooring start falling apart.  Get a thorough examination done of your home at the slightest suspicion or even at regular intervals to ensure that these dangerous pests do not hollow out your home.

These simple yet effective measures will ensure that home remains indestructible and aesthetically pleasing for a lifetime and you and your loved ones remain peaceful in this haven.

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