Let’s Read and Learn on this World Book Day


Francis Bacon had rightly said, “Some books are to be tasted, some are to be swallowed and a few others are to be chewed and digested”. This World Book and Copyright Day it is our responsibility to promote literacy, education and empowerment to each and every individual.

Every 23rd April is celebrated as World Book and Copyright Day.  This event is organised by the UNESCO annually to promote reading, copyright and publishing amongst the public. The World Book Day theme for 2015 is “Read the World”.

It is so necessary to read and get information about things happening around us. Apart from necessity, it is our right to read, learn or publish content free of plagiarism. When people have no access to books and information through censorship, language barriers or illiteracy, they are excluded from world’s wealth and wisdom.

Reading, writing or learning, publishing and creativity through copyright is celebrated with full valour by all across the world.

Read the World- denotes that every individual should be literate enough to read and have the right to publish with the full usage of Freedom of Expression.

So, let’s come together and participate in some form or another on this World Book Day.

How Can we celebrate?

Visit a Library:

The nearest library can be visited and grab a copy of a good and interesting book to read for yourself.

Exhibitions or Book Stores:

Commercial or institutional book exhibitions must be visited. They have some mind capturing books that needs to be simply taken away from that exhibition counter to your room.


Image Courtesy: azrights.com

Writing a piece of Content:

Believe me writing something is simply peaceful and provides an awesome experience about your hidden skill. So this is an ideal day to start scribbling from till it gives you heart’s content.

Donate or gift books:

Old copies or a few new books can be gifted to a person who wants to read, needs to learn or is in need of a book.

Publish your art of writing:

If you have written a piece of art, simply publish it. You’ll feel great since it will be your own creativity. Free of plagiarism and unique, you allow the entire world to read your thoughts.

Amazing huh? So, lets celebrate this day!

Featured Image Courtesy: whytoread.com