Make Your Kid’s Daily Routine Fun!

stay safe

Don’t you think going to school was fun? Meeting friends, learning new things, sharing lunch box, running around and even being scolded. So, make your kid’s routine fun with filling in valuable products that they might need during school days.

School Bus Honks

school safety

Your child is up to move out of home and catch the school bus. School bags must be lightweight to balance the load on back and shoulders.

Road safety must be taken care of by bus drivers. Driving slowly, following traffic rules and keeping a first aid kit is mandatory.

Lets Study Safety

child safety books

Child safety books include general safety information on road safety, playground safety, home safety and other healthy habits.

Every girl and boy must be taught about menstruation and growing body changes.

Its Lunch Time

eating healthy

Clean hands before eating. Hand sanitizers remove germs and dust from hands to keep you safe and healthy. Sanitation is must for good health and a strong body.

Food must be packed inside lunch pack which prevents leaking of the food and making a mess all over. Also, packed food stays warm which keeps body healthy. Drink clean and safe water using water bottles.

All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

playground safety

Play to get refreshed. Wear mosquito banditz on wrists or ankles to keep mosquito bites at bay. Use bandaids to heal minor wounds while playing on the playground.

East or West Home Is The Best

home safety

Stay safe at home too. Home safety is important to prevent accidents. Table corner cushions, corner tapes, cupboard locks, spoons and other items must be handy in order to keep kids safe.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise Makes  A Man Healthy Wealthy & Wise

mosquito repellents

Use mosquito repellent cream, lotion and spray before going to bed. This will prevent mosquito bites and mosquito borne diseases.

Illustrations by: Bhavya