Packing the Perfect Toiletry Bag

packing toiletry

An essentiality or a necessity, but it is extremely important that you pack yourself the perfect toiletry bag wherever you go. It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a trekking trip or to a holiday to some exotic island, you always need to carry your toiletry bag which is inclusive of almost every minor and major necessity of yours. Right from hair products, your body wash to body lotions, you need them all to look fresh and feel comfortable. So, here are tips on how to pack the perfect toiletry bag with all your essential toiletry items. Remember them and follow them to pack your toiletry kit for your next adventure trip.

Divide your requirements into Basics and Extras.

Here are items that you will need as a basic requirement during your trip.

  • Hair Wash and Conditioner

A shampoo and conditioner are most important when you go out on a trip. Carry them in a plastic case particularly if you are worried about your shampoo spilling in your bag. You may also choose to carry a dry solid shampoo in you wish to.

  • Body Wash

Choose a bar soap instead of a liquid body wash for your toiletry kit. This will help keep your bag clean and easy to use. Use only a normal sized bar instead of using a special travel sized bar.

  • Face Wash

When you are on a trip, your face suffers the most of the gruesome weather. Thus, it is best to carry a cleansing and skin reviving face wash that can take care of your skin and avoid breakouts, oiliness and other skin conditions. Choose only the product that suits best to your skin.

  • Face moisturizer

Choose a facial moisturizer with sun protection that can keep your skin moist and protected from the harsh rays of the sun all through the day and night. As you will be traveling more during a trip, it is important that you protect your skin with a desired SPF based moisturizer.

In order to keep your skin clean, you may also use a facial wipes to keep your skin clean.

  • Tooth Brush and tooth Paste

Always make sure you keep your toothbrush and toothpaste (both small sized to suit your travel kit) into your kit.

  • Floss

Floss is another essential requirement you should carry in your toilet bag. Apart from keeping your teeth clean, you can also use them for sewing up holes and bobs together.

  • Razor and Shaving cream

For men, it is important to keep their beard clean shaved. But this entirely depends on the personal choice of all individuals. Some like looking clean shaved while many others prefer a bit rough look with a little beard. If you think you can do without a shave for a few days, you may not prefer carrying it.

  • Deodorant/ Perfume

Choose the roll on deodorant sticks as they are non-messy. However, if you think you can take care of your perfume or deodorant bottles, you can choose to carry them separately, wrapped in a plastic bag.

  • Cotton pads and Ear buds

Use cotton pads to remove your makeup or dirt when on a trip. You can also choose to use them for various purposes, such as cleaning your injury, etc. Carry a few in your toilet bag.

Here are the items that you may need as extra requirements in your trip that may help making your trip more comfortable.

  • Hair Items

Carry hair oils, hair sprays and leave-in-conditioners for your hair care.

  • Skin Items

Body lotions and cuticle creams are all extra products that you may wish to carry in your toiletry bag as extras.

Tips to Pack your Bag Perfectly

  1. Choose the smallest toiletry bag. Bigger the bag, more number of unwanted things you will probably end up stuffing it with. A small toiletry bag is equally capable to carry each and every toiletry item you need during an outdoor trip with your family and friends.
  2. Plan to place your toiletry bag based on your traveling goal. In case you need it only for travelling purpose, then you need to keep it handy in a separate bag.
  3. Choose a toiletry bag that has different compartments. This will help you stay organized and easier to find your requirements.
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