Panty Liner – Are you ready to wear them?


For a girl in her teen years, life is all about fun, thrill, excitement and Periods! An integrated part of the entire Womanhood package, whether you like it or not, you have to understand your body, its changes and how to make your periods simpler. Panty liner is one such thing that every girl needs to learn about. You may not be aware, but your friends in school wear them, your neighbors and your cousins, all wear them as well. But, it is more important to know whether you are ready to wear them?

Before you go to your nearby store and shop a packet of panty liners, remember to fist know a few important basics about panty liners. These tips will help you know if you are ready to wear them.

  • Understand what a panty liner really is

A panty liner is almost same as any sanitary pad which you use during periods, but are little thinner, smaller and lighter. They are made for soaking very little menstrual blood or vaginal discharge. Don’t Every Use them during heavy flows.

  • When to use a panty liner

Use a panty liner just before you start your periods or during the final days, when the flow is minimal. Panty liners are very useful in these days, especially because they are small, light and very comfortable to wear. They are more flexible than regular pads.


  • Continue using panty liners even a few days after your periods

After your periods, the vagina continues to discharge a little whitish-yellow liquid which may cause a stain in your panties. Getting rid of these stains can be a real painful task. The discharge continues during your ovulation days. Thus, wearing panty liners during these days can really help you stay clean and hygienic at all times.

  • Always carry at least two panty liners in your bag

Panty Liners

Spotting is something you cannot avoid once you have hit puberty. You may simply have an excess vaginal discharge or just start with your periods when at school or shopping with friends. So, to avoid staining, it is best that you carry minimum 2 panty liners with you in your bag. For hygiene, remember to also keep a hand sanitizer in the bag. This will help you stay away from infections.

  • Choose the best panty liners

Puberty is a very exiting stage in a girl’s life. It is when your body changes and starts shaping up like a beautiful woman. Feeling embarrassed about your growing figure is a natural thing, but if you get proper guidance, you may start feeling proud about your body and its changes. A good panty liner further boosts up your spirit as a teenager by avoiding staining and its related embarrassment. This is why it is important to choose only the best panty liners for you. Check their shape, size, thickness and absorbance power before you buy them.

For heavy flow, choose high absorbance sanitary pads of bigger size. For a medium flow, buy the regular pads and for minimal discharge use a panty liner. Some of these pads are also available with an added fragrance. It is your personal choice whether to or not use these fragrant sanitary pads.

  • Keep them handy

And lastly, keep the panty liners handy in your bag or purse. Make sure you find them whenever you need them.

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