Pesky Mosquitoes – You Can’t Just Wish Them Away

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If you live in a region, where summer is a very welcome season, or in a country like ours where the summer temperatures reach unbearable limits, one thing is certain – the arrival of unwelcome bugs and pests. The most annoying and dangerous of these pests are mosquitoes. Not only does a mosquito bite leave you with a swollen and itchy portion of skin, you could also contract life threatening illnesses like malaria, dengue and chikungunya.
There is no one among us who hasn’t experienced frenzied itchiness and also knows someone who has fallen seriously ill. As the summer approaches, we recommend using repellents and mosquito killing products to keep safe.
WANTRN 3 IN 1 Mosquito Killer Trap with Tower Stand, Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent 40 ml Naturals Roll-on, Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent 75ml Maximum Spray and other natural products. The role of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized – these creatures breed in stagnant water and hence not allowing water to collect and clearing out any stagnant water will serve to keep a check on these pesky mosquitoes.

Beware of Insecticide Laden Products

Most people are blissfully unaware that most mosquito repellents are extremely hazardous to human health. They often contain a toxic substance called Deet, long term exposure to which has been known to cause memory loss, respiratory illness, tremors, headache, lethargy, fatigue and a host of other problems. This substance is intensely lethal for children. Why go the unhealthy and toxic way when keeping mosquitoes at bay is possible through natural and safe methods?

Naturally – did you know?

Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of lavender. Keep pesky mosquitoes out by dabbing a drop or two on pieces of cloth and let them dangle near the windows and other apertures – mosquitoes will keep their distance.

Humans have and continue to benefit from the wonderful Neem and it works great to repel mosquitoes too. Mixing equal portions of Neem and coconut oil makes a highly potent natural insecticide and rubbing it over the exposed parts of your body will have mosquitoes scurrying away in the opposite direction.

Another effective yet safe insecticide that you can make on your own is by mixing equal portions of lemon and eucalyptus oils. Not only is this mixture a powerful repellent for mosquitoes it also works as an antiseptic – safe, natural and effective.

Kapūra or Camphor is a miracle mosquito repellent – more potent than other products made from natural ingredients. Close all the doors and windows of the room, ask everyone to leave the room and burn camphor. Let the smoke of this product permeate the whole room for at least 15-20 minutes and you have yourself a mosquito free room for a while.

Tulsi or Holy Basil – Revered in India this plant also has natural and powerful mosquito repelling properties and planting a shrub near a window helps keeps these pesky creatures away. It is also known to be extremely potent in killing the mosquito larvae.

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What else should you do?

– Invest in good quality screen and mesh doors and windows. These allow you to enjoy fresh air, view the outdoors and also keep mosquitoes and other airborne bugs out of your home.
– Wear long sleeved tops / shirts and full length pants and closed shoes when you venture out. Not only will this keep you from getting bitten, you will also save yourself from sunburn and skin rashes. It seems highly unlikely that you would take this suggestion given the high temperatures, but it is an effective way to keep yourself safe.
– When sitting outdoors, ensure that you have a high speed fan on – these annoying but light creatures would be unable to get comfortable on and around you.

Remember that a single mosquito bite can be potentially dangerous – these precautions are worth making time for.
Keep safe – be healthy.

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