Preventing Finger Entrapment Injuries


Finger entrapment injuries are very common among adults and children and toddlers. But such injuries mostly happen in children and toddlers when their fingertip is caught between the doors. This accident could cause damage to the fingers or the fingernail or the figure bone.  If not treated properly, these injuries may result in significant functional difficulties and cosmetic deformities also.

Not all the injuries need surgery. When the injury is not too bad it can be treated without surgery by cleaning them and dressing the wound. Alternatively, the injuries are treated with surgery in case of a deep cut. The surgery involves a general anesthetic, cleaning of the wound and removal of damaged tissue and stitches to repair any cuts.  However, whatever the outcome, every finger trapping incident is likely to cause pain and distress to a child.

Prevention is always better than cure

Toddlers and young children like to explore, climb, walk and run. These activities put them at risk for falls and injuries. Sometimes they are just so playful that they can close doors without giving it any thought. This puts the kids behind them at a risk of their finger or hand coming between the doors. So what can we do to avoid finger entrapment injuries at home or at school or at a daycare?

    • Young children or toddlers gathering near the door should be discouraged
    • Make sure windows are closed and locked securely when children are present.
    • All the staff at the school and at daycare should be made aware of the hazards of the door.
    • At a daycare or at school teachers should always be vigilant and watch the toddlers or young children when they are near the doors or windows.
    • Schools should take opportunities to talk to children about the trapping hazards which doors pose and they should also explain the purpose of the safety devices.
    • Regular briefings should be given to young children on the dangers of finger trappings.
    • Children should be taught not to slam doors, and not to play around them.
    • Children should also be taught to keep their fingers away from the hinge side of doors.
    • They should be taught not to push each other around doors and close doors without checking
    • For more safety and to protect your child’s fingers and hand, Arte Viva Door Stoppers and Arte Viva Door Blockers should be installed.
    • Check that the child’s hands are well out of the way before opening and closing doors, including the toilet doors and the room doors or the classroom door.
    • Use Doorstops from Arte Viva to hold doors open and prevent them from slamming on hands.
    • Trappings that might occur on the latch side of a door can be reduced by a suitable door closure mechanism by Arte Viva.

Safety of our toddlers and children is in our hands. To keep their hands and fingers safe opt for Arte Viva Finger Alert Door Blockers, Arte Viva Finger Alert Door Stopper and Finger Alert Extreme available at SafetyKart

Feature Image Source: Youtube