Protection Measures From Mosquito Borne Diseases

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Mosquitoes are dangerous! Over the last few years, these small flying creature have been responsible for the outbreak of several diseases, some simple while some life-taking. Today they are responsible for some of the most deadly diseases such as dengue, falciparum malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever and also encephalitis which have taken the lives of million across the world.

These small mosquitoes act as vectors or you may say carriers of the virus that lead to these diseases. Once they bite you, they easily inject the virus into your body and thus lead you to any of the diseases mentioned earlier. The threat of these diseases is higher in the tropical areas where the forests are dense, and so is the population of the mosquitoes.

The basic symptoms of most of these mosquito related diseases include:

  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Fever with chills
  • Body ache
  • Poor appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache

In order to fight these diseases and keep them at bay, you need to be well prepared to fight against the mosquitoes and also protect your kids, and your family from them.

Protection measures against mosquitoes

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The best and only way to stay away from these diseases is by keeping your selves protected against the mosquitoes. You cannot kill all the mosquitoes in the house but can surely protect yourself from them. So, here are a few natural protection measures you can try for you and your family.

  • Use natural anti-mosquito protection solution for kids that will protect them from mosquito bites and diseases. You can choose the natural mosquito repellents available in the form of bands and patches. These patches come with the medicated natural mosquito repellents coated on them as a result of which, the mosquitoes stay away from the user.
  • When playing outdoors, make sure to dress your kids in full length clothes. Also keep in mind to make them wear light colored clothes as dark colors attract mosquitoes.
  • And finally, you can also choose to apply the mosquito repellent skin cream to ward off the mosquitoes. But make sure you apply them only if you are non-allergic to medicated products. Some of these creams include harmful chemicals that are successful in keeping away mosquitoes but can lead to allergies.

Keeping your kid safe with Mosquito bands and patches

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Kids, due to their playing habits become one of the most common victims of mosquito caused diseases. They love to play in the open without the slightest fear or concern about these deadly diseases. Applying skin creams on them can be very dangerous, especially due to their soft and sensitive skin. For these reasons, using the kids special mosquito repellent patches and bands is the best solution to protect them from mosquitoes.

  • The wrist bands and the patches contain citronella oil, a natural ingredient which helps ward off the mosquitoes.
  • Make your kid wear these smart wrist bands or simply choose to stick the mosquito patches on the clothes of your kids when they are playing outdoors.
  • Kids usually love wearing such bands and this way they can also fight mosquitoes and stay away from the deadly diseases caused by them.

Now that you know how to protect your kid and family from mosquitoes, take every measure possible and keep your family safe from these mosquito based diseases.