Pure One Caters For Your Well-Being

drinking clean water

I don’t know you personally, but I certainly would like to aware you about health and well being. Good health is equally important as good room or good vehicle. So what are the ways through which you take care of yourself? Obviously your answer would be wide and generic. But what I mean here is basic health that begins from what you intake.

Dust, dirt, impurities are all the same to what we know as germs. Germs are omnipresent, hence it is our sole responsibility to take care of ourselves and keep germs at bay. Hygiene begins at home, so keep your surrounding clean and safe.

We all know that ‘water is life’! True, water quenches our thirst and keeps body hydrated throughout the day. But are we drinking safe and clean water? Water carries numerous germs and impurities which might cause water borne diseases like typhoid, jaundice or gastroentitis among others. Hence, water purifiers are must to be used to maintain well being. Pure One has brought in purifiers and sanitizers that care for our health. Often during travel, we strive to get clean and pure water. Thus you can get clean water anytime anywhere.

water purifier

Pure One water purifier cleans and removes water impurities and keeps you healthy and disease free. With Ultra violet combined with Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration techniques used in Pure One water filters, this makes drinking easy and safe.  Advanced techniques used in Pure One bottles remove germs that might harm your health. The UV lamp used in these bottles kills germs and the filtration techniques neutralize 99.9& germs from water. This bottle is made of stainless steel and it also improves turbidity.

Pure One water bottles are ideal to be used even during travel. These are easy to carry and keep you hydrated by removing impurities from water to keep you strong. This water bottle filter is perfect to be used by office goers, professionals, sportsperson, tourists, armed forces, students, bikers among others.

toothbrush sanitizer

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Similarly we cover our toothbrushes with cases or covers to keep germs away from hitting us. But this is not enough as it covers the toothbrush and might lead germs to grow inside. Pure One Toothbrush sanitizers are made to keep you protected from filthy germs and microbes that cause harmful diseases. A single toothbrush might carry 10,000,000 germs due to various factors like contamination from other toothbrushes, toilet flush, cockroaches or other insects among others. This toothbrush sanitizer can hold up to 4 toothbrushes and it has a plasma generator that works 24 hours consuming insignificant power. This also emits high concentration of negative ions.

Toothbrush sanitizer can be placed anywhere inside bathroom and its plasma purifier purifies bathroom air of dust, smoke caused due to toilet flushing or deadly insects. This makes you breathe in fresh and dust free air.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up to stay healthy and strong. Pure One water purifier and toothbrush sanitizer cater  for your well being.

Featured Image Courtesy: allencountyhealth.com