Resqme Car Emergency Tool – A Must Have Travel Essential


Driving a car on an empty road is a pleasure that cant be expressed. Somewhere somehow anything can happen! It gets important that you have a car emergency tool kit or a car fire extinguisher ready to avoid mishaps. At SafetyKart, thinking about all your emergency tools, we bring you a small but essential list of car safety tools that will help you ensure the safety of your car and your life always.

Resqme keychain Car Emergency Tool

A unique and smartly created portable resqme tool is a keychain that has a spring loaded steel spike that allows the person trapped in the car to break the side windows easily and escape from the car. Once used, the spike in the keychain resets automatically and can be used multiple times. This tool also has a hidden seat belt cutter which allows you to cut through your jammed seat-belt to get out faster. This was built s a must-have tool for those  So, buy this emergency tool before you get trapped in your automatic car next time.

City/ City Premium/ City Platinum Cross Roads Cards

Drive your car without any worries of breakdowns, punctures and pick-ups with these Cross Roads cards. Available in three categories, these cards offer your minimum 6 free car services per year, car insurance renewal services, discounted offers on batteries, spare parts and coolants, etc. With these cards, you can enjoy every ride in and around your city and stay tension free during sudden breakdowns. Simply call the services for their 24 X 7 services and all your problems will be taken care off within minutes.

So, gift yourself these exclusive car safety tools and enjoy hassle free rides with your family and friends.

This article was previously published on 10th October 2014.