Safety Measures To Be Taken By Every Women

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We often get to hear about rape, molestation, young girl trafficking, kidnap or acid attack , a woman is always on a constant fear. With the upcoming International Women’s Day, here we need to know about the basic safety tips that every lady must know and follow. Yes, lady! every female being is a lady who needs to be respected.

The safety of women in our country is becoming a grave issue day by day. We present you few tips which will help you save from assault and keep you safe. There are some safety tips that every women must follow upon.

  • Never walk on lonely roads while talking on your phone. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry your phone in your hand while walking down the road. Download apps which with one press of the button send your current location with an emergency message to your contacts.
  • While asking for directions if a stranger offers to take you along to show you the way DO NOT go. They might be just looking for a quiet lane to pounce.
  • If you’re being chased run zig zag this will exhaust your attacker. If someone grabs you scream with all your might and try hard to grab attention.
  • Never mention your address loudly in a public place. As predators might be listening really hard to your conversations.
  • When approaching your vehicle at night check beneath it first.
  • Carry a pepper spray. They are easily available online. It’s time for us to accept that how unsafe we are and how genuinely we need it.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel you’re being followed and you can’t lock on the person change your route you’re not imagining things!
  • Keep an eye on the bartender while they make your drink as it will be difficult to mix drugs then.
  • Learning any self-defense art seems like a good idea now! You don’t have to learn the whole art behind it. There are institutions which gave basic self-defense education for situation for surely help.
    women travelling alone
  • If you’re living alone or travelling alone, never open the door if you don’t know the person. If they claim to be a hotel staff and are not wearing the uniform don’t open the door and inform the reception.
  • If you’re living alone creating proximity with the neighbours is a good idea. But not overtly friendly as you’re in a new neighbourhood and cannot be sure about everyone around you.
  • If you’ve shifted to a new city or travelling on an assignment late ask your company to make arrangements for your late night travelling. Always leave some emergency contact details in the office.
  • Be aware of your body language don’t appear anxious or lost, that will make you appear more vulnerable.
  • Many metro cities have their own women helpline number make sure to have all the numbers on your phone saved – police, ambulance, nearby hospital.
  • Carry extra scarfs or stole when you are travelling.
  • Insist on CCTV cameras to be installed in your building, on the entrance and the lifts.
  • Once you’re in your car switch on your engine and lock all the doors and shut all the windows. Avoid waiting in the parking lot as it gives time to the predator approach.
  • You’ve a complete right to fight. Many women believe that giving in to the predator will be less damage but that is false it would just give them more confidence. It’s important for you to understand you can defend yourself.

We hope you find these tips of some use in your daily life. The purpose is not to scare you but to keep you ready for the current environment.