Spread Awareness On World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is observed annually on February 4th to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. The theme for 2016  World Cancer Day is 'We Can. I Can.' This is to take an approach to fight against cancer and highlight its new treatments and solutions. This day is celebrated to reduce illness and death caused by cancers by 2020.

The cancer campaign for this year will focus on four areas. They are: choosing healthy lives, delivering early detection, achieving treatment for all and maximizing quality of life.

According to reports of the World Health Organization, around 30 per cent of cancer deaths can be prevented by addressing the main risk factors: tobacco use, alcohol, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, and excess body weight.

There are a few ways to prevent cancer by following these health tips:

Control alcohol consumption: Limit alcohol drinking or set moderate standards. Drinking in a limit must be set for both men and women. Therefore control the level of alcohol consumption and stay fit.

Avoid tobacco: Intake of tobacco is injurious to health. Any amount of tobacco intake might increase the risk of developing cancer. Smoking causes lung, bladder or kidney cancer, and similarly, tobacco causes oral cancer.

Sun Protection: Exposure to direct sun rays causes skin cancer, hence you should use a sunscreen with SPF marked on it to prevent harmful rays affecting your skin. Also, covering your body with clothes helps in protecting your skin from any kind of damage.

Exercise: Daily exercise helps in maintaining an ideal weight and also decreases the risk of cancer. Exercising everyday for at least a minimum time span helps you remain active and healthy.

Regular health check-ups: Regular body check up reduces risk of developing cancer. Medical care treats the symptoms before they turn into cancerous.

So, eating healthy, a regular exercise, proper health care and avoiding tobacco and alcohol are the basic steps that help in reducing the level of cancer risk.

Image source: yourmedguide.com

There are various awareness programs and functions organised on this day by schools, colleges or other educational institutions. Different NGOs organize their own campaigns related to cancer theme to create cancer awareness amongst people. Individuals perform street rallies or visits to special care units and meet cancer patients. Also, gifts like music CDs or story books are distributed to small children.

Celebrities or public figures contribute by donating charity or funds in hospitals or cancer centers and come forward to bring a smile on every face.

Come together to fight against cancer! Let’s make and reduce cancer risk worldwide.

Feature Image Source: cancernavigator.co.uk