Stay Away from the Blue Whale Challenge


Blue Whale is the largest living animal on Earth. It is also one of the most discussed and trending topics across the world. The Blue Whale game or the Blue Whale challenge is far from being a game. It is a set of challenges given to players by administrators over a period of 50 days and in the end, the player is urged to commit suicide. In order to ‘win’ the challenge, the player has to complete the last task. Sounds crazy, isn’t it??? But you will be surprised to know that over the last few years this challenge has claimed more than 360 lives across the globe.

Where did it all start from?  

It is said that the Blue Whale Game originated in Russia in 2013. Philipp Budeikin, a former student of psychology is suspected to have started this game. It is claimed that he started this game to clean the society of people who had no value in the society. By 2017 March, about 135 individual cases of suicide were reported in Russia alone.

Spread Across the World

After its inception in 2013, this deadly game had spread its wings across the world in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In India, the Blue Whale Challenge claimed lives of teenagers, school students, and unemployed individuals. Studies show that this game generally targets young people, especially the teenagers. People who are mentally weak or are facing low self-esteem and willpower are more vulnerable to be targeted.

 About the game

Some of the tasks which are a part of this challenge include watching horror movies, listening to a specific genre of music, crave a whale’s image on hand with a razor, cut your lip or wake up at 4.20am in the morning and perform stupid and crazy tasks. On the final day, the player would be asked to commit suicide. The most important part is that once a player is into the game he/she cannot back out. The administrators threaten to harm their family members and thus make you obey their commands.

The Blue Whale game does not exist on Google or on any open public forum. The administrators find a way to reach out to their victim and lure them into it. Many a time a group of people join the challenge together and end up committing suicide. Till date police have not been able to track down a person or centralized group behind this game. It is believed that in every country or region different group of people monitor this game. Besides the administrators of the game are tech-savvy people since they possess a lot of information about their target players.

What should you do?

Definitely!!! You should not indulge in the Blue Whale Challenge. It is advised that you keep all your information, passwords and sensitive data secured. You must not share your information on any forum without prior verification. Parents must ensure that they monitor their kids’ online activities to ensure that they do not fall into this trap. If you all stay alert and act prudently then slowly and steadily the people behind this stupid and deadly game will lose targets and fall out in the race.




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