Survival Saga: 5 Things You Must Have In Your Outdoor Survival Gear

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The sun is out and it is the ideal time of the year for adventure and outdoor entertainment. There are many elements that go into surviving outdoors, especially considering the heat and the harsh sun rays. Even though surviving in the outdoors takes more than just a survival kit, experts swear on assembling these products into a gear to help survive in the wild. So what does it contain? Here’s a list of things you must have.

Water Bottles – Tatonka Stainless Steel Water bottle


I guess it goes without saying that the list includes a water bottle or a hydration system to carry enough liquids. Water is the most essential item required for survival without which you wither and die. Carrying water while camping or hiking in the wilderness could help you keep yourself hydrated at all times and be protected against exhaustion, cramps and dehydration. This eco-friendly, BPA free water bottle is light and easy to carry and should serve your purpose conveniently.

Knife – Hi-Vis rescue survival tool



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Knife is one of the most crucial and versatile items you will have in your kit. A knife that carves easily can be used as a protective weapon as well as an item used to split branches for fire, shelter and serve multiple purposes. The Hi-Vis rescue survival tool with its effective stainless steel blade and durability ensures that you are never defenseless in the wilderness. It’s light-weight, affordable, easy to carry and easy to retrieve.

Torch – Gerber bear Grylls Intense Survival Torch


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The illumination of the area you are visiting cannot be guaranteed. Especially in the wilderness once the sun sets and darkness takes over, without a torch to guide you, you could be lost.

While an overhead torch or headlamp is ideal in these situations, a hand torch could be just as useful. And it is also important to ensure investing in a product high in quality to be brighter and efficient. Gerber Bear Grylls Intense Survival Torch has been tested and proven to be most efficient and has up to 140 lumens of bright LED light. It is sleek, light weight and hence easy to place in your kit and doesn’t add much weight. Different modes of lighting and especially the emergency option are of great help and have options for regulating battery drainage too.

Fire starter – Camp Tanto with Fire Starter


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Fire starters are the most redundant part of your kit and depending upon the area it is well and good if you had more than one back-up. Starting a fire during camping and night stay is very crucial both to keep cold away and to keep animals away. Not carrying a fire starter would be foolish. Camp Tanto with Fire Starter with a nylon sheath and a fire starter is a very handy and compact outdoor survival tool.

Survival Shelter / blanket – Coghlan Emergency Bag

While camping in the wilderness where the temperatures could be unpredictable, carrying a blanket in your kit is a must. Coghlan Emergency Bag protects the body from hypothermia by keeping heat intact and also keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. It is great for sheltering against winds and unexpected rains.

Apart from these items be sure to carry a first aid kit, signals for rescue and survival food items. These should easily fit into your back pack and be carried easily too.

And remember the thumb rule: Make sure your gear is easy to retrieve and comes handy when you need it.

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