Taking Care Of Your Digestive Health In Summer Heat


Indeed summers are super fun, but in the extreme weather of summer one has to be more conscious about the things especially the diet. With the appetite changing due to the extreme weather, our body finds its need to adjust to the excessive amount of water consumption we usually prefer. However, it is also during this season that people stay extra cautious about the food they eat, ensuring their low appetite and increased digestive health risks. This is one reason why you will see people preferring low oil, non-spicy food. But, can we really control our cravings? Here are ways through which you can protect your digestive health in the summer season.

Consume Lots OF Liquids

It is very necessary for you to stay hydrated and it is not a good idea to fill your tummy tightly. It is very necessary for you to consume lot and lot of liquids. You can always prepare ‘mocktails’ of different combination of the fruits which will keep your tummy filled and hydrated at the same time. Believe it or not, juices would always help in maintaining a healthy diet. Especially when it comes to summers all the adults and children have to assure that you they consume water in good quantity. Smoothies, milkshakes, Juices and other such drinks would be perfect in summers.

Avoid Having Hot & Spicy Food

Summer itself brings along a lot of irritation and uneasiness as far as the season is concerned. One must always ignore to have hot and spicy food as this can lead to acidity in the body being the temperature is very extreme. These hot and spicy food can cause inflammation in stomach which can lead to severe health issues.

Oily Food Consumption Has To Be Minimal

One must avoid having oily food. This is specially for the women with the oily skin. This is the season where in you get lots of pimples as the skin secretes excess of oils through the pores and causes inflammation resulting in ugly acne. So in a way to keep the skin healthy, one must have to avoid consuming of the oily food. Rather you have to go for better options than such oily food items.

Include Milk Products

Drink milk and butter milk. Prepare things with the low fat milk which will makes your tummy full at the same time it will not harm your digestive system. Fruits are the best source to maintain nutrition.

Include Vitamin Rich Food Products

Also you have to assure that you do not become malnourished so combination of juicy food can be a big yes in this summers. Bottle gourd, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and other such food groups can be consumed. You can always take multi-vitamin tablets with the help of the family physicians to maintain good digestive system.

Include Digestive Herbs

You can always consume “Triphala Churna” and other such herbs which can help you to have a better digestive health. On the other hand herbs like mint, green coriander, and other such leafy herbs would help to soothe your digestive system.

Take A Healthy Walk On The Grass

Early morning walking in the grass can be the best thing you can do as exercise. One can also go for yoga to keep the body active and calm in summers. This can keep you happy while watching your weighing machines as it keeps you in good shape with the “Kg” that you expect.