Talking the Talk: Menstrupedia


Is it easy to turn into a woman from a young girl? Ask any girl, and you would get to know the exact feeling she had undergone once in her lifetime.

Menstruation is the periodic blood discharge from the uterus through the vagina of female beings. It begins with the start of menarche or before attaining puberty and stops at menopause that generally occurs between 40 to 60 years of age. This is a regular monthly cycle of blood flow that makes different physiological and hormonal changes. It is the sign that shows a girl turning into a woman. Physiological changes include body growth and the start of the menstrual cycle. This change is also known as attaining puberty that occurs with the onset of teenage.

Menstrual cycle is governed by hormones in the body. Each of the two ovaries with oestrogen hormone in women develops an egg and releases it which is called ovulation. After the ovulation, the progesterone hormone helps the womb lining grow thicker. This is when pregnancy might occur if the egg fuses with a sperm. But if pregnancy does not occur, the womb lining cracks and there is a blood flow that is commonly termed as ‘periods’. Puberty is the phase when a young girl grows into a woman.

Menstrupedia Comic 800x500 px

Menstrupedia comic helps girls to learn about the cycle, nutrition, body changes and hygiene that is to be catered of. The book illustrates examples and stories with the use of animated and cartoon characters that makes it fun and interesting to read. It is a good book for both girls and boys to learn and grow independently.

Most of us feel weird to talk about periods or sex with our children especially the young kids who are about to turn into teens. It is important to talk to both girls and boys about physical changes and puberty. Young girls must know the exact meaning of periods and the after effects of it. When we say ‘after effects’, we mean the body growth, self hygiene, usage of sanitary napkins, disposal of the sanitary pads and taking care of their nutrition and health by maintaining physical and emotional balance together.

Menstruation is treated as a taboo in the society where people are embarrassed to talk about such topic publicly. The menstrupedia guide acts as a great gift idea for parents to their young daughters. It is fun to read the stories that are portrayed using cartoon images. The comic is interesting to read unlike other books which make one stop reading at a stretch.

Girls who get stain on their clothes often seem to get ashamed of themselves. Purchasing sanitary napkin packs seem to create embarrassment too. There are certain societal standards fixed for women. They are not allowed to enter inside temples or kitchen during the cycle. Therefore, not only girls but boys as well need to know about the menstrual cycle and be informed about the entire process of women’s body.

Due to hectic schedule and changes in lifestyle including disturbed dietary pattern, lack of muscular exercises and intake of alcohol, there are irregularities in the menstrual cycle that women mostly undergo today. Hence a lady must be made aware of the necessary dietary changes that she must follow to avoid serious iron deficiency and anaemia. Most of the girls in the country are anaemic that needs to be thought, discussed upon and change the mindset of the society regarding the menstrual cycle.

The comic book should be distributed in schools from standard third and above. The book must be given to every girl in hospitals and health check up centres.

There are women who still use sanitary cloth pieces during the cycle that is either disposed off directly or sometimes unwrapped by dogs in the streets. This produces disease causing bacteria. Hence, girls should be taught about the basic hygiene that must be followed during the menstrual phase. Using sanitary napkins and disposing off them properly wrapped up must be taught to every girl. Similarly personal hygiene should be taken care of that includes intimate care, cleaning and washing vaginal areas, using hand sanitizers after every hand wash and the cleaning of public wash basins and toilet seats before and after using them.

The book makes you grow in thoughts as well. Now no need to feel scared or embarrassed of the word ‘menstruation’. Go and read the guide that offers you with every basic knowledge about periods and hygiene and also clears your doubts on myths that are related to the “taboo”.