The Critical Facts of Home Diabetes Testing Kits


Are you a diabetic? Well, if you are, then I am sure you must be using a home based diabetes testing kit to keep a check on your sugar level. Almost all people diagnosed with diabetes use a kit to ensure whether or not the blood sugar level is within the mentioned limit. The test either helps ease your mind or makes it anxious, also affecting your blood pressure. This is one reason why a lot of people avoid checking their diabetes level, only fearing from the risked results of the test. But, when you use a home testing kit, you need to understand the various facts related to these kits and their results. Also, knowing every particular information possible about diabetes which may help you rule out highly risky situations, ensuring only your good health at the end of the day.

Understanding Diabetes and the Test Kits

Diabetes is a health condition wherein the glucose levels in the blood go above the normal level due to an irregular metabolism related to the hormone insulin. This imbalance in the metabolism may be caused due to an appropriate functioning of the pancreatic cells which produce insulin. The cells due to an auto-immune response either get dejected or destroyed, thus affecting the production of insulin in the body.

The Diabetes home testing kits on the other hand read the glucose level in the blood and this is done in a very simpler way. All you need to do is put a drop of your blood from your little finger tip or even from your forearm onto your analysis strip. The lancet pen includes a special sterilized needle positioned onto a spring which quickly pricks your finger. The testing strips first need to be inserted into the lancet pen or the testing meter and then the drop of blood needs to be filled inside the reservoir which is then analyzed by the electronic system inside.

  • When you use a home test kit, you need to ensure that the needle is cleaned carefully before use. This helps avoid misreadings, especially caused by the sugar residue left out by the last reading.
  • The home testing kits are very sensitive, especially the strips inserted into them.
  • Remember to wash your hands or sanitize them before you check your blood glucose level. A wrong reading can really affect your mental health and cause unnecessary anxiety which can be harmful for your health.
  • Do the test before your meals. The ideal time to do the test is, 2 hours after your previous meal or early in the morning.
  • A result that shows a number between 6.2 to 7.7 shows that you are pre-diabetic or are at a chance of getting diabetes. This result is not high enough and you need not be worried about it.
  • If the reading shows beyond 7.7, it means that you are inflicted by diabetes. In such a situation, consult a doctor and avoid drinking or consuming high sugary things.
  • When you check your blood sugar level with a home based kit, don’t jump into conclusions if your result is high. There are several factors that affect your reading. Some of these factors include anemia, weather conditions, altitude, etc.
  • Also, remember that blood sugar does not always mean it is related to diabetes.
  • You should use a home test kit only for your satisfaction and not for increasing your anxiety.

Check and use a Diabetes home Test Kit wisely!

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