The More You Honk; The More Stupid You Appear!!

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Who doesn’t like road thrill or adventure? Speed, sporty adventure among other youthful road activities are fun that attract every age group especially the youth. But one should remember- Speed thrills but kills. Road accidents are common around the globe and if we look deep into its cause, it is careless driving, not following traffic and road rules, drinking and driving among others. Honking is must but only when it is required, as unnecessary honking is not entertained on roads. has launched an initiative that caters to meet the road safety demands and requirements. This initiative has brought in different types of safety stickers that help in creating awareness on road safety among every person on road. Every individual be it a pedestrian, a pedaller or a driver needs safety on roads. Thus, these stickers are a great mode of creating awareness and help you maintain safety and prevent road accidents at its best. Every car or bicycle can use these stickers to promote awareness and create an impact on the urge for road safety and accident prevention.

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Honking on roads by cars or other vehicles when not required makes you appear a fool. You honk to alert other vehicles on roads or at certain turns that denotes your car is about to take a turn. But if there is traffic light system and a systematic commute road, your honking is not required. Careful driving, maintaining distance and no rage driving is enough to show you are on the road.

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Safe driving and healthy living go together. So, why not use these stickers on your vehicles and create a safe environ to stay.

Pledge for Safety is the first initiative that depicts that every person must follow safety and strive to attain it at any cost. Similarly there are other stickers like:

If You Are Stupid and You Know It: As we all know nobody likes someone honking uselessly on roads. Other than noise, it also distracts your mind while driving on roads. Hence, you honk and you prove yourself to be a stupid person. This sticker denotes that if you honk loudly, you may prove yourself to be a moron.

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Don’t Be An Ass Horn: This sticker makes you a safe and a steady driver. It helps you have a control over your honking habits on roads. Unnecessary honking must be prohibited on roads.

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Why Use The Horn: This safety sticker initiates safer roads and promotes alertness against road rage and rash driving. Why do you use horn if you are on the road with safety and traffic rules already bestowing upon you safety!

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