This Women’s Day- What’s New?

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It is truly said, “You educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a society”. Do we need to ponder upon this? It is absolutely correct which we can easily see around us. It is only a woman to whom if a thing is said, it is either done by her or catered by her through all means and possibilities.

On this International Women’s Day, let’s participate to do something positive for society. As women, it is our right and as well as responsibility to pave a safe path for ourselves so that right from being a female foetus to old age, the journey of life is full of spirit, safety and happiness. As men, it is not only a duty to respect the rights of women, but definitely a sense of morality that teaches us to let the womb give birth to a girl and let her smile all throughout her life.

Though India is rising as the top economies in the world, still the conditions of women are apparently the same as earlier. If we count on Indian states, there are number of them that still believe on female foeticide, female, infanticide, dowry system,(fortunately Sati has been abolished), domestic violence, inequality, discrimination, parda system, abduction, trafficking, rape, molestation and what not!

Issues that are faced by women:

As soon as the lady of the house is expectant, and if medical proves it to be a daughter, foeticide occurs. Due to modernity in Indian medicine, foeticide has been banned, so the next step to kill a girl is infanticide. Yes, I am talking about not only India but many other developing States.

The reason behind these cases is a girl being useless, because as soon as she turns 18, she is to be married and where in the family has to pay Dowry. We must not always blame our male counterparts for taking dowry, it’s we women who have given them that strength to demand a particular dowry! Why should a woman pay for herself to  get married to a person to whom she has to look after. Not only the man, but his entire family has to be looked after by a woman.  Domestic violence is too common where in  fathers, brothers & husbands molest their daughters, sisters and wives.

Partiality towards nutrition and education amongst a girl child and a boy child  has always been seen especially in underdeveloped regions. The reason families give is poverty which indirectly means that the male child if stayed strong can earn for the family where as the girl has to go off to another family.

Now since India is developing, are women being empowered? What does empowerment mean? Empowerment is where a person can demand for his/her rights and (women) can use those for their own development. Right to speech and expression is a must for every individual in a developed nation. Are women safe? This is something that is answered with queries. Yes, women are not safe yet to roam around publicly in short dresses, or during night in deserted streets or travel alone along with a number of male strangers.

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Development of Mind set

Until and unless the mindset of people is changed, one cannot demand to be empowered and safe. Mindset can be changed with a moral education at home and in schools. Each girl and a boy should be taught the real meaning of respect and value. Self respect is what people lack in themselves that tickles them to do wrong things at any moment. Recently on an interview for the documentary on Nirbhaya Rape case by BBC, one of the accused stated that it was the girl’s fault equally on being raped that night. (So, if a girl is travelling at night, It is not her right but a mistake of being a girl according to what he said.)

Even though women in different fields have achieved great developments, but still majority of women are considered as a bane to the society. They are still banned to get education, diet, medicines, and other basic modes of life-safety being one of them!

Every woman must be alert, aware and very cautious about themselves. Be it at home, on roads, public places, offices, theatres or any other environment, a woman must be careful about herself. Self defense and various women helpline numbers are always readily available to provide aid and security anytime, anywhere.

Let’s come together and celebrate Women’s Day everyday with pride and honor by keeping every woman safe and stand for their rights.

Happy Women’s Day!!