Thrills That Drive You Gaga All Over


Mumbaikars are  always in a way to seek adventure for sheer thrill, experience and fun. They make their  moods to plan out a mini trip from their busy schedule and refresh their minds to come back to the same spirit once again. They know well to make most of the time given and make it a sensational and a galvanizing memory to remember forever. Most of the adventure destinations are located near the city well connected by roads and railways. At times people quench their zeal through leisure in the city itself.

To get out of the buzz of work mode, adventure is an exciting thing to get involved in. There are not only adventure sports, or camps out but also fun and amusing ways to enjoy in the city as well, but before we proceed you need to know about safety first. Adventure is fun only till it is safe to enjoy. Almost all adventure sports need safety gadgets to be carried with them to their decided place. There are various ways to infuse your adrenaline once in a short while and thus lets talk about those fun adventures that every Mumbaikar would love to indulge in. Adventure geeks must know about every equipment they require when they are out on a tour.

Day Trekking to Meera Hills:

meera hills

Meera Hills is located in the Sahyadri Range 2 km away from Mumbai. The road travel simply fills you with serenity and beauty. The one Day trekking leaves you an awe with those wide green fields around. Trek with a walk on the wooden bridge and reach at the huge plateau where you could pay a homage at Vyagreshwar temple and enjoy the mesmerising waterfall.

Rafting at Kundalika:


Kundalika river is located in Kolad which is 137 km away from Mumbai. This is the only site in Maharashtra where white water rafting is possible. The camps have luxurious tents and spacious grounds for outdoor activities to have more fun. The forests and the river facing tents make your stay memorable.

Music in the outdoors:


People would surely have a splendid experience of night music outside your camp. You would like to wake up at one of the most lovely looking sites near the tent. It could be an outdoor adventure for all music lovers. People could either play music on instruments or attend shows by bands organised nearby the camp sites.

Cruising down the highway:


Located 250 km away from Mumbai, Panchgani offers every adventure freak a smooth highway to open up the motor engine. Love for fun, friendship, madness, speed, thrill all wrapped into a single drive that takes you all along the roads to Panchgani. Staying up at tents and viewing the panoramic sites make you go into another abode of happiness.

Sea Kaykaying at Mandwa:

sea kaykaying at mandwa

Located 590 km away from Mumbai, the village of Mandwa offers with the best water sports to all adventure buffoons. Originally Mandwa was a small village known for its sea food and beach but recently it has evolved into a major water sports hub.

Snorkelling in Malwan:


Malwan is located 528 km from Mumbai and propounds various underwater attractions. Whether you are an accustomed snorkeller or an unusual adventure geek, there will be an expert trainer to keep you a close watch. Malwan is among the coastal villages that are located on the Konkan route of the Western Ghats.

Canyoneering in the Western Ghats:


The Western Ghats are located 1456 km from Mumbai, though a well getaway for Mumbaikars. Canyoneering or water rappelling is an adventure sport that is enjoyed with the waterfalls and flowing streams of the ghats. This is a multi sport adventure that combines rappelling, down climbing and river tracing altogether.

Don into the trekking or fun mood and grasp every opportunity of thrill that comes your way. Go crazy visiting any one of these exciting destinations to cheer yourself up. Remember to make it a safety trip as well. Therefore, take along every travel gears that you might need during your adventure.

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