Tips For Pregnancy Nutrition In This Nutrition Week


Nutrition week is organized every year to aware people about the health, well-being. Good nutrition is essential for everyone to stay away from infections and diseases. Grains, fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products should be regular in our diet to stay healthy always. The primary objective of national nutrition week is to enhance the nutritional practice awareness.

If we go in the history of this week’s campaign, it was first started by central government in the year 1982 to encourage the good health and healthy living through the education. Through the whole week many training programs and lectures is being organized by various NGO’S, Food and Nutrition Board & departments of woman and child development all over the country.

Pregnancy nutrition is one of the major aspects to talk about. So, in this nutrition week, let us talk about the nutrition tips, a pregnant mother should adopt to give birth to a healthy baby.

Focus On Folic Acid

Folic acid is necessary for the pregnant woman as it is one of the ways to help your child become healthy. Don’t forget to take grains which are full of folic acid like breads, rice and pasta. You have to take it every day as it reduces the risks of neural defects.

Multivitamins, A Must

Researchers found that woman who took multivitamin regularly during pregnancy, reduced the risk of preeclampsia by 45% which can cause blood pressure & protein in the urine which is a leading cause of fetal death.

What To Drink During Pregnancy?

The first thing to remind every woman is to quit alcohol during pregnancy as it can be the reason of physical and mental birth defects. Drink ample amount of water, milk, juices as it will count toward your fluid quota. Avoid caffeine! Limit your coffee to a single cup if you’re a coffee lover.

Eating Plan Will Help

Plan always works if you will go according to it. Keep your nutrients balanced. Make a plan of your regular daily diet as it will help you to stick accordingly. But make sure the diet contains dairy products, vegetables, nuts, fruits, eggs, fish etc.

Make Calories Count

It could be possible during the first few months during pregnancy that you may not notice a big weight gain. As your little one begins growing, you have to make sure to take diet rich in nutrition. A pregnant woman needs an additional diet during these months but that doesn’t mean that you have the license to overeat. However, it’s fine to have sweets & sour dishes sometimes as it is a pregnancy food craving.

We care for your small diamond that will come soon in your life. Therefore, these were the tips for pregnancy nutrition that you must follow. Stay healthy! Stay Nourished! Enjoy the Nutrition Week by staying healthy.

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