Say Yes To Basic Toilet Etiquette


Toilets  or washrooms are germ ridden places and one needs to take the effort to adopt hygienic practices to avoid the spread of different types of diseases  . I’ m sure that you would hate going to a messy and unclean toilet so we should ensure that we too don’t create a mess and try and keep it clean as much as possible so that we don’t end up actually cleaning someone else’s mess be at home , at work or any other public washroom . The basic etiquette of using a toilet should be learnt and followed by all.

Mentioned are some basic rules or toilet etiquette that should be followed by all

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Always Clean Up : Yes, of course , please do not wait for someone else to do it for you . So whether you have sprinkled on the seat or the ground and thrown some toilet paper around , clean it up yourself

Follow the basic rules of hygiene:  You don’t want yourself or the person who uses the toilet after you to fall ill . So it is beneficial to follow simple steps for a safe an hygienic experience like washing hands , using tissue and toilet papers , using a toilet seat sanitizer spray if required .

Always lock the toilet door: Yes it is an important toilet etiquette , you don’t want to be embarrassed or embarrass someone else.

Men , use the pan well : Stand close to the pan so that you don’t sprinkle or dribble

toilet etiquette

Women, sit on the pan :  Yes you have to. Never try to squat on a pan that is not meant for the same . Clean the seat if your dribble.

Flushing is a must :  Always flush the toilet after use . It is not much of a hassle . You don’t want the next person to see what you have performed . If you think the flush handle is dirty then use a santizer spray or wipe to clean it

Avoid taking reading material:  If you are using the office or a public washroom do not take any sort of magazine, book or paper with you and also don’t spend too much with your phone . The person after you might have an emergency .

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Do not flush sanitary napkins :  This would surely block the toilet , always wrap the sanitary napkin and throw it in the bin

The toilet is not for  a Picasso or a Shakespeare in you :  Never draw or write anything on the toilet door or walls . Use a paper and pen to do the same later .

Never bang the toilet door when in use:  Be patient and wait for your turn . If it’s been long , then the request the person to hurry up , don’t start banging the door or peep from below .

Clean the toilet at home every day : Yes , it is a must. The toilet is full of germs and bacteria and you must use proper cleaning agents to take care of them and that too on a daily basis .

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So folks, these are some very basic and must -follow toilet etiquette  that should be taken care of to the T for a safe , hygienic and pleasant toilet experience .A toilet is a room for your convenience so please take the effort to keep it clean.


This post was first published in October 2016