Top 10 Safety Tips For Women

woman being stalked

Women Safety! More than being a simple term, women safety has become a question in the world, asked again and again in different languages, different countries and different towns. But the answer, like the question is unanimous, No.

Ask yourself, if you feel frightened to step out of your house all alone at night and walk to your nearby store. You are constantly nagged by the thought of people following you, or approaching you in the wrong manner. With the recent shameful incidents and the rape statistics, you surely need to be afraid and be prepared to fight for your life, your safety.

Sadly today, women safety is now completely in the hands of women and not in that of the law. If you can’t fight for your personal safety, there is no way others will come and help you. There are examples set by various brave women, who have fought their eve-teasers in buses and on the roads all by themselves, while the crowd simply gazed as if they were watching a film. So, if you really want to survive and protect yourself, here are 10 women safety tips you should know. Learn them, follow them and stay Safe.

  1. Be Aware
    Whenever you are in the public or alone in some unknown place, look around and stay aware of all the things happening around you. Be prepared to give kicks and punches in the groin area as the first act of self defense, when attacked by a criminal.
    Keep in mind the fact that attackers choose to attack their victim by surprise so that they are absolutely taken aback and have no idea of what to do.
  2. Follow your sixth sense
    Women, have a god’s gift, their 6th Sense. So just follow your gut instinct and pay attention to everything happening around you. When you are aware of your surroundings, you actually can predict if something wrong is going to happen.
  3. Get basic self-defense training
    Looking at the scenario today, all women nee to learn the basics of self-defense which include:

    • Don’t go for martial arts training schools. Instead choose self defense classes that can help you stay prepared for the unknown attacks and fight your attackers bravely.
    • Make sure your self defense training also includes real scenario practices where you get to fight against a sudden attack, not the planned ones.
  4. Check the Escape options
    Whenever you feel you are being attacked, stop thinking of the consequences and focus on your escape route. Look around you and think of ways how you can escape the situation. If you are attacked in your own car, or in a building, try and scream, run away or simply throw a rock into a shop to gain attention of other people around you.
    Fighting and self defense should be considered as a last resolute. You never know how strong your attacker is.
  5. Fight if you have to
    At times, when you don’t have an escape route, fighting for your life is the only solution for you. Defend yourself physically and mentally. Stay strong and never show that you are afraid. Attack their eyes and then the groin area to escape the place. Use whatever you have with you or around you. Simply make sure to take your decisions quickly.
  6. Use pepper spray
    One of the best self defense aids, use a pepper spray to spray the eyes of your attacker. However, remember that it doesn’t affect all people. There are about 15 -20% people who don’t get affected by pepper spray. Use it as a secondary aid.
  7. Avoid home invasions
    Keep your home closed and locked at all times. Home invasions and attacks inside the house are on a rise. In order to stay prepared for any kind of attack, keep a secret place where you can hide self defense aids such as pepper spray or even a fire extinguisher to hit or spray your attacker.
  8. Avoid car-jacking
    Car jacking is another very common way of intimidating people by surprise. In order to protect yourself, make sure you keep the doors and windows of your car locked. Always wear your seatbelt and be aware of the people walking around your car. Attackers usually attack from your blind spot (at 45 degree where you can’t see.)
  9. Travel safely
    For women travelers, it is important to choose their hotels safely when traveling alone. Always keep the hotel room doors closed and locked. Check your room before you leave or after your enter your room. Also keep a wedge in your travel kit for protection.
  10. Cyberspace safety
    Physical safety is equally important as your online safety. The cyber space is one place where people can hack accounts, take all your data and use it to blackmail you or hurt you. So, make sure you have all your online accounts secured with pins and strong passwords.
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