Top 10 Safety Tips For Women


Women Safety in today’s world is nothing more than an irony. With the roads filled with goons and men lurking around trying to lay their hands on the young ambitious girls, the life of women in India is most miserable than ever before.  In such frightening situations, the only way to walk out safely is by educating oneself of all the personal safety tips that can help us stay safe despite of an intruder, attacker or a stalker. 

Personal safety today, has become a necessity for every individual, more precisely for all women. With the society getting more violent by the day and the crime rate increasing in the world, it is important that we take up the responsibility of defending our lives in our own hands, instead of relying on others. Here are 10 safety tips that every woman should be aware about. These are Personal Safety tips provided by experts, especially for all women.

Staying Aware

Awareness is the first line of defense. Always stay aware of the things happening around you. Think quickly of how to react to an attack. A punch on the face or a kick in the groin of the attacker is not the first act of defense. It all starts much earlier, with Awareness. Think of your attacker’s possible strategies, the escape route, potential of the attacker and etc. when surrounded by unknown people.

Based on studies, it has been proved that criminals usually choose targets who are unaware of the surroundings or the situations around them. With your awareness, and presence of mind, you can easily avoid an attack in a public place.

Follow your instincts

Women are gifted with a special Gut instinct or intuition, whatever you may call it. But, your intuition is a voice that should never be avoided. Always listen to your inner sub-conscious mind and learn to stay safe.

Get Self-defense training

Today, knowing the basics of self-defense is a necessity to keep away from attacks. However, these defensive training tips are not a compulsion for people. They just make you feel safe and run away from an attack. Here are 2 important tips to follow:

a)    Avoid getting into martial arts training unless you really want to. There are several women oriented self-defense programs available today that teach you defense techniques different from martial arts.

b)    The self defense program you enroll into should also include simulated assaults taught to you by a padded instructor. Make sure you are taught self-defense methods in different realistic attack scenarios.

Learn the ways to escape

No matter whether you are a professional martial arts fighter, you never know how an attack may end. Remember, not all days are same. Hence, it is best to always look for an escape instead of thinking how to fight.

Shout, ask for help, throw a stone, do whatever you can to get attention of people around you.  If the person is purse-snatcher, throw your purse or wallet in one direction and run in the opposite. You may get injured or even killed if you try to run away without an escape plan.

Fight for life

Stay mentally and physically prepared always to fight for your life. No matter how aware or smart you behave, there are times when fighting is the only solution to safeguard one’s life. Use whatever you can to defend yourself. However, never initiate a fight. Talk and try avoiding a fight before things get physical. Aim for the eyes of the attacker first and then the groin! Remember, you may get just one chance.

Using pepper spray

One of the most useful tools for self-defense! Pepper spray is a must carry for all women. However, there is a small drawback to using it. Not all people are affected by a pepper spray, even if you spray an entire bottle on their face. So, never depend on it entirely for your safety.

Fighting home invasions

Home invasions are on a high these days. But, you can always try and prevent them by taking the right measures. Never keep doors and windows open in your home. Never open the door for a person you don’t know. Always keep a baseball bat near the entrance, within your reach. Keep your phone and pepper spray handy in the house, as you never know what you may need to safe your life.

Escaping Car-jacking

When driving, always keep the windows and doors locked up. Most car-jacking attacks happen at intersections when your car is at rest.

Travel tip

If you are a lonely woman traveler, make sure you know how to avoid an attack in a foreign land. Choose a hotel only after proper verification. Make sure you keep the door locked and open it only if you know the person on the other side. Also, always carry a door wedge to ensure safety.

Cyberspace safety

Cyber crime is a new ground of attack. It is important that you know the person you are communicating with. As a safety precaution, use nicknames and hide your personal information from all viewers. Allow only your friends to see your pictures and information. Keep your computer secured with antivirus from virus attacks, frauds and hackers.

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This post was first published on Sep 2015