Top 11 Electric Safety Rules

Electric Safety

Electricity has proven to be a revolutionary invention for the mankind in more than one ways. Imagine how a day without electricity makes you feel disconnected from life. You can’t operate your favorite gadgets such as mobile phones, TVs and laptops, nor can you cook food or work. However, even after being a boon for our lifestyle, electricity can be dangerous if not handled with caution. Taking care of petty things can help you avoid any mishaps associated with electrical devices. Let’s look at some safety rules you must follow to stay safe while handling electric items.

Electric Safety Rules

-It is often seen that we forget turning off the electric devices after using them. We also   sleep without checking if the electrical devices are properly shut off. Such kinds of things can be dangerous. So make sure you regularly check if the devices have been switched off, before leaving home or going to sleep.

-We can easily avoid getting shocks, if we install a residual current device. This device makes cutting off power easy. Having a fuse box is also essential. It cuts off the power supply on the occurrence of a short circuit. If you fix the residual current device with fuse box, there’s nothing like it.

-For devices that come handy outdoors such as vacuum cleaner and lawnmower, it is recommended to use portable residual current devices.

-At times leads and wires go under things like carpets and door mats and don’t come in your notice. Since they are hidden, contemplating any open ends or current leakage is difficult, and this might lead to a mishap. Thus, it is advisable to avoid any wiring routes which go through hideous areas in the house/office.

-One of the main reasons of electrical mishaps is over load of sockets. Sometimes, we use multi plugs in one socket due to which the socket gets overloaded. In such condition, socket may burn. This can be avoided by paying attention to the specified rating of the socket and using an adapter which has fuse.

-It is always very useful to check the condition of the plugs and sockets time to time; wires of the electric devices or home appliances should also be checked regularly; on finding frayed or burnt sockets, plugs, and wires, you must change them as soon as possible. However, don’t do this on your own. Take help of professionals as they have experience of dealing with electric gadgets and can take care of things perfectly.

-We should pay attention that the electrical cables and wires should not be trailed over appliances like stove tops and toasters. Such situation may be very dangerous. We should also avoid touching such appliances with our fingers, especially the part which is made of metal.

-Electricity and water,or any liquids,must not be mixed up. They should be kept away from each other as much as possible. Touching the appliances with wet hands can be dangerous, so never do that! Before keeping any liquid on an electrical appliance, make sure it is switched off. It is often seen that we put liquids close to electrical devices like microwave or TV without thinking much, which can be very dangerous. If the liquid spills over the open slot of the gadget, it may lead to short circuit.

-Many of us keep several appliances into the bathroom which is also not good as it may be troublesome anytime. Avoid doing so. If it is not possible, it must be made sure that the cable or wire of appliances such as hair straighteners or hair dryers must have wire coding.

-It is often seen that children, and most of the times even adults, enter their home after getting drenched in rain.This habit may seem harmless but can cause mishap anytime because houses have various electrical sources. So, if you enter your house drenched, make sure you dry yourself up before touching any source of electricity.

-When using any electrical appliance, make sure that you hold it via non-conducting handles, so that you can avoid any probable shocks.

Electricity without any doubt is very useful. We cannot imagine life without it. However, it can also be quite dangerous. So it is best to use any electrical gadget with caution because prevention is always better than cure.

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