Top Tips For Maintaining Office Hygiene


A regular 9 to 5 job, 5 days a week! So, where do you spend more time, in your home or in your office? Certainly office, as whatever time we spend in our home, we spend it sleeping and eating. This is one reason why it gets equally important that we should consider office just as importantly as we consider hygiene at our home. Right from your basics such as sanitizing your hands, checking hygiene in the toilet, hygiene while working, etc. need to be followed while you are working in your office. Few simple steps and you will see less people suffering from viral infections, less frequency of UTI, fewer medical leaves and better work performance.

Why office hygiene is important?

You have to consider Hygiene right from the minute you leave your home for your workplace. You never know when you may catch an infection while traveling from home to your office. Thus, it gets important that you consider your hygiene first. Traveling in a public transport like train or a bus, you conceive an infection which you may unknowingly spread in your office. In order to avoid such contamination, you need to take extra care of your hygiene. Here are a few tips that you should consider in order to maintain hygiene in your workplace.

  1. Wash / Sanitize Your hands

Before you start your work in your office, always remember to wash your hands or simply sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer. Make note to wash your hands particularly before and after you eat your food, got to the toilet or sneeze in your hands.

  1. Wear a pollution mask while traveling in public transport

When traveling via a public transport, make sure you use a pollution mask to prevent microbes form entering your system. A pollution mask, apart from protecting you from the hazardous pollutants, also protect you from several infections which spread through air. The H1N1 is one such infection which can be prevented by wearing a mask.

  1. Clean your desk with disinfectant wipes

We all work on computers all through our day. However, we never remember to clean the computer, the keyboard or the mouse which thus becomes home to a number of germs. These germs from the keyboard pass on to our hands and thus into our system while we eat our food with our hands. To get rid of these germs, use a disinfectant wipes to get rid of the germs. However, remember to cleanse your desk once in a week.

  1. Use disposable utensils for snacks

In office, the kitchens are not always well maintained. The dishes, the mugs or the water glasses are not regularly cleaned or disinfected. Thus, it is best to use disposable utensils for your snacks or drinks.

  1. Use a toilet sanitizer to avoid UTI

Office toilets are one of the major places that spread infections. Used by hundreds of people in a day, the toilets are home to millions of germs and infections. Thus, if you want to avoid conceiving a UTI, make sure to use a toilet seat sanitizer. Just spray the santizer before you use the toilet. This sanitizer is a must for you, especially for women who are more prone to infections.

Follow these tips everyday and you will automatically see your health reacting to these habits. You will become more immune, stay safe and secured from infections while also boosting your performance at work.

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