Trek N Ride Motorcycle Saddle Bag

saddle bag

Motorcycle Sadddle Bag1 300 x 300 px


When you plan for an extended road trip on your bike, it’s time to strap on the super stylish Trek N Ride Motorcycle Saddle Bag to your bike that will hold in all the essentials you will need while you travel. Designed with the rider in mind, this saddle bag comes in a pair and it allows a quick installation as well as an easy removal. The large centre compartments of each of the bag are spacious enough to accommodate up to 30 kilos of weight. The strong snap shut lock ensures that the bag is sealed properly.

The saddle bag comes with reflective stickers that ensure night visibility. The spacious external pouches allow you to organise the smaller knick-knacks like a water bottle, thermos, snacks and other accessories that you may require when you travel. The strong safety belts on both the sides with metal hooks serve to tie the bag to the bike, thus ensuring the bag stays in place even while off-roading. If you are heading for a short bike trip lasting 2-3 days, then the Trek N Ride Motorcycle Saddle Bags is your ideal companion. This compact yet big enough to carry your stuff bag ensures a comfortable ride. Price and Availability Priced at INR 1999, you can buy this stylish, superbly made and waterproof tank bag from SafetyKart, our e-retail store. Related posts Trek N Ride Tank Bag