Trekking Around Devbhumi ( Himachal Pradesh )


When the mountains call and you must go, go to the Himalayas! Allow us to draw your attention to an amazing and short trek that, we believe, everyone should go out and experience.

The setting:

by Alexander Zykov

Enter Triund into the scenario. The hill is considered the crown jewel of McLeodganj and is seated at 9760 feet. Initially used by the shepherds of the Chamba Valley trekking their way to the Indradhar Pass, it is an excellent destination and pit stop for trekkers.

Nestled 9 km from McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh, the trek to Triund is a paradise for adventurers, nature enthusiasts, photographers and avid hikers alike. There is, absolutely, no dearth of incredible views, majestic forests, serene environs and the warmth of friendly hill folk on this very doable trek.

There are two excellent places to start the trek from. The safer and easier trekking route is through Dharmkot; the steeper and the riskier trekking path start from the Bhagsu Nag village. Both routes are a short hike from McLeodganj.

The trek:

Adventure GearConsidered an essential beginner’s trek ortraining trek by seasoned legs in India, the trek up to Triund is notably easy for the first 8 kms. The last 1 km of the trek consists of the famous 22 Turns (literally, turns around the hill path), which is the steepest and most challenging part of the trek.

However, the true essence of the trek up to the highest mark of Triund Hill is the sheer photogenic natural beauty. Gorgeous landscapes and views that demand for you to bring out your camera and start capturing are generously strewn along every step.


by Himalayan Trails

  • The best time to go for the Triund trek is from March to mid- December.
  • Warm and protective clothing is a must carry.
  • Footwear should be sturdy.
  • Sleeping bag, if you want.
  • A waterproof backpack to protect your items of need.
  • A separate waterproof and shockproof camera case or backpack to prevent damage.

One would wonder why we aren’t advising for trekkers to carry water and food for the trek to Triund. This is because you can find small and picturesque tea shops dotted along the route of the trek which provide shelter and food.

Awesome opportunity for photography:

Yes! We’ve been circling around this point for you to take notice all this while.
You will be eased into embracing your inner photographer at every turn on the 3-4 hour trek to Triund. Whether you carry a Canon, Sony or Nikon in your camera case or take out your phone to do justice, this scenic adventure won’t disappoint.

Triund Hill

Prevention is better than damage repair bills:
You should, most definitely, take active care of your cameras and lenses while trekking to Triund. There are strong chances of getting moisture in your camera sensors or lens because of fog, rain. Another is the chance of protection required in case of a drop.

It’s an unsaid understanding that modern sensor and lens technology in cameras are as delicate, as they are sophisticated and expensive. Simple bumps to the camera chassis have brought on repair bills in thousands of Rupees for many photographers. It is essential that your camera backpack or case should offer shock protection.

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So get out, go for that trek and capture moments which will be with you forever. Wander through the mist and woods and over the rocks and quit worrying about your cameras, lenses and media storage.

As always, prevention is way better than cure.

Co-Author : Abhishek