Vaginal Discharge – Should You Be Worried??


Women are always fussy over hygiene issues, especially when it comes to maintaining hygiene in and around their genitals. Almost every woman suffers from vaginal infections once in their lifetime. The frequency increases when they live in hostels or do not have the needed information or have no guidance for taking care of their vaginal hygiene. Some suffer from Urinary Tract Infections while many others suffer from smelly vaginal discharges. But, did you know that the health of your Vagina is directly indicated by the smell of your Vaginal discharge.

What is Vaginal Discharge?

Inside our vagina, there are glands which release a small amount of fluids which keep the vagina moist and clean. Every day, a little amount of your vaginal discharge flows out of the vagina also carrying with them a few old worn out cells that line the walls of the vagina. This way, they keep your vagina clean and healthy.

Fact 1: Color of your Vaginal Discharge is usually clear or at times milky. But it never smells bad, especially when your vagina is healthy.

Fact 2: The color and the thickness of your vaginal discharge changes slowly based on your monthly cycle. The discharge remains thick around the time when you ovulate, when you breastfeed or also when you are too sexually excited.

Fact 3: The odor of your vaginal discharge becomes a little salty around the time of your periods. and yes, this is very much normal.

Fact 4: If the color and the odor of your vaginal discharge changes, then it simply means that you have conceived a vaginal infection. This also means that you need to visit your doctor to treat the infection.

What causes a change in the Normal Vaginal Discharge?

When the normal balance of the healthy bacteria in the vagina gets disturbed, it effects the color and the odor of the vaginal discharge. A healthy discharge never smells, but when you conceive an infection, the vaginal discharge instantly starts smelling.

There are several factors that affect the balance of the healthy bacteria in the vagina. These factors include:

– Douching

Usually caused due to the chemical present in douches which further increase the risk of infection in the uterus, also leading to high risk infections that may affect your ability to conceive.

– Hygiene

Female hygiene includes not washing your genitals regularly, having unprotected sex, STDs, etc.

– Soaps

The genitals area, especially in women is very sensitive. Soaps, on the other hand include harsh chemicals that are used to clean the dirt from our skin. These soaps affect the balance in the vagina, causing excessive and smelling vaginal discharge.

– Bubble baths

We all love bubble baths. But, it is important that after a bubble bath we cleanse our body with normal water. This will help remove the soap residues which otherwise cause infections.

– Diabetes

People with diabetes have a hormonal imbalance which causes an imbalance in the vaginal discharge.

– Urinary or vaginal infections

A woman suffering from urinary infections will see comparatively more vaginal discharge in her panties. Also, these discharge have a stinky odor.

– Antibiotics

The food we eat, especially the antibiotics have an effect on our vaginal health. The medications also lead to a change in the vaginal discharge. They may get dense and stinky.

How to maintain Vaginal Hygiene?

If you want to take care of your Vagina, here are a few tips that you need to consider.

– If you are suffering from a disturbed vaginal discharge, meet your doctor and talk about your problem.

– Have protected sex with your partner or avoid physical contact until you get treated.

– In case you are suffering from a yeast infection, make sure you take your medicines or put the vaginal capsule inside your vagina until your doctor asks you to.

– Maintain your hygiene, keep your vaginal area clean.

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