What Do You Mean By Safety?


HaHaHa!! Obviously who doesn’t know what is safety? Safety means care, security, prevention, precaution, hygiene and much more.

But I think we Indians do not know the actual meaning of safety that is desired of from each of us. Safety is a broad term which needs to be understood from its root level. What is its root level? It starts from one’s health. Stay safe #stay healthy. We have an easy-go-lucky attitude where we either seem to be over smart or we tend to get concealed within a wall of protection.

Now, as we get to know about rapes, molestations, domestic violences amongst others, we must come forward to protect ourselves-here I mean- we women. Enough of tolerance, now its time to pull on the pepper spray from your pockets or bags and hit the attacker.

When we talk about good health, we mean hygiene that caters for our well being. Clean washrooms at home or public places are a must to curb down diseases. Pee Safe toilet Sanitizer spray or wet wipes must be carried during travel or even if out on a short trip.

Wearing helmets or obeying safety rules on road get us reach late to work. But we forget that not following road norms might lead us as well as others to lose lives. Likewise, partying hard after work veils our fear of safety inside our cars with loud jazz music. We overlook importance of car seat belt or a Resqme car key chain.

So, how long must we wait for something hard to happen on us? Lets move forward and begin to lead an advanced life.

Here advancement means safety and care!

 Featured Image Courtesy: thompsongasretail.com