How Should Our Hand-Cleaning Philosophy Actually Be? With PalmSafe Natural Hand Sanitizer


What is your hand-cleaning regime? Well, we all use soap and water or a hand sanitizer to clean our hands.  But there is always a question in mind regarding the right ways of cleaning our hand?

Should we clean with soap and water? Should we clean our hands with a sanitizer only? Are sanitizer’s harmful? Do sanitizers eliminate all the bacteria’s from the hand?  Is using hand sanitizer safe? Are hand sanitizers the best thing to use?

We all are aware that keeping our hands clean is one of the most important aspects of personal hygiene. Clean hands protect us from germs and bacteria. Since childhood, we have been taught that Germs are not good. We have been told that Germs harm us more than they do good to us. We are always in constant fear of getting infected from these germs. On the other hand, there are theories which claim that germs are actually good for us. They say that focusing on eliminating bacteria completely would eventually make it resistant. They say that antibacterial soaps and sanitizers are completely unnecessary.

But to what extent should these theories hinder our use of these antibacterial products? We all want to know, once and for all, if, we should stop using hand sanitizers. Does hand sanitizer really protect us from contracting flu and viruses?

The answer is Yes, hand sanitizers do protect us, to a great extent. We should use natural hand sanitizer from PalmSafe. 

PalmSafe is the best sanitizer for babies and kids because it is made from completely natural ingredients. Flu viruses are believed to survive on any solid surface for up to 24 hours. If you hold the same handle of the door that has been touched by a flu-infected person, then it is likely that the virus can be transferred to your hand. Hence if you use a hand sanitizer frequently in a day, you actually eliminate the risk of contracting that flu. Buy PalmSafe hand sanitizer today.

 Why a Hand-Sanitizer?

  • Soap and water are not always readily available at all times. Hence an alcohol-free hand sanitizer is recommended.
  • Why no alcohol based Hand Sanitizer? The alcohol can dry the skin significantly. When such sanitizers are used frequently, they cause over-drying of the skin, irritation, and rashes. Hence alcohol-free hand sanitizer should be used.
  • Washing our hands with soap and water helps to remove bacteria but a hand sanitizer can really bump up the cleaning power of hand washing.
  • Germs from hands can easily enter our body through eyes, nose, and mouth. Hence cleaning our hands with alcohol-free hand sanitizer is a must.

PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer Spray is an alcohol-free hand sanitizer which helps to clean our hand in the most natural way. PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer Spray contains no harmful chemicals or irritants. PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer Spray is very safe to use for kids.

PalmSafe is a safe hand sanitizer that is very easy to use. You just have to apply, rub and let it dry. The quick absorption formula takes only seconds to spread on your hands. PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer Spray is foam based and hence helps to moisturize the skin also.

PalmSafe Hand Sanitizer Spray is the best Natural Hand Sanitizer.

Now PalmSafe Hand Saniizer Spray is available in 5000+ retail stores across India.

Be Safe with PalmSafe!