Who Is A Safety Man?


Have you ever paused to think how you would react to a sudden storm? What would you do in case of an emergency? In day to day life, an individual is faced with a number of such possible risks and safety is all about taking small precautions every day. The fundamental requirement here is to be proactive and prepared so that you stay one step ahead on the curve when crisis strikes.

Here are a few safety measures on how to be better prepared for any disruptions affecting your daily routine that could turn you into a safety superman.

who is a safety man?

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Medical Emergencies and injuries at home

These are most unpredictable and in case of sudden illnesses or injuries though it is difficult to stay relaxed, it is most essential to provide the victim(s) with the correct aid. In such cases, the first reaction would be to call the ambulance for help and make sure there is no further danger of injury. It is also advisable to have an emergency first aid kit at hand with a fair knowledge emergency first aid which would assist before help arrives. Always have enough room for the person to breath.

Road accidents

Human carelessness is the key cause of accidents. Driving under stress, sleepless state or tiredness or personal problems can easily distract our attention causing accidents to occur. The most important safety measure while driving a two-wheeler is to wear helmet and in four-wheeler always wear seat belt. Observe traffic regulations and never over speed. And most importantly do not drive when you’re not fully able. For instance, after a sleepless night, during depression and anger or when you’ve had a little too much to drink.

During natural disasters

Always have enough food supply at home that could last for days in case of such disasters. This along with UPS, candles, a few extra water bottles and refillable water cans and battery operated products could come in handy in case of prolonged power, water supply and other failures. Stay put and don’t panic until rescue service arrives.

Fire Safety

In any building complex, be it residential or commercial, fire could be life-threatening. If not death caused due to burns, the smoke from burning of hazardous chemicals in products could affect respiration and cause death. Always have fire safety checks done at home to prevent such occurrences. Also, it is important to keep the fire alarms properly functioning and have extreme care while handling easily flammable materials and keep them out of reach of children. Have a fire extinguishing equipment at hand with knowledge about its operation. And teach your other family members and children on how to call for help in case of an emergency.

Personal Safety Tips

importance of safety

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  • Do not carry too much money in your wallet.
  • It is safe to carry your valuables in your front pockets.
  • If you find yourself being followed immediately mix with the crowd or approach the nearby police station.
  • Close all doors and windows securely before leaving the house and in case of long absence inform at your area police station.

So what do you think? Are you a safety man?

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