Why Are Indians Using Fewer Condoms?

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Condoms or no condoms? Well, it’s not about the fun, the ride or the adrenaline rush you get when you enjoy sex with your partner. It is rather about your health and your safety. Have you ever thought that you may actually end up conceiving a baby, or conceiving an STD which can be as serious as AIDs? Well, if Indians would have actually thought about these reasons earlier, the study chart on how many Indian men really prefer wearing a condom when having sex wouldn’t have dropped a massive 38% in the last few years. But sadly it has. With majority women nowadays taking birth-control pills, they do their share of controlling unwanted pregnancy and abortions. But, the topic here is not just about raising the Indian population to trillions by not using condoms, but is also about ensuring your health safety when having sex.

Today, sex has become a more materialistic passion, rather than being a romantic and sacred relation between a man and his wife. Today, the new generation doesn’t think much before getting intimate with a partner. This is where condoms actually help you. It’s not same shameful thing anymore to carry condoms in your bag. Instead, it is a good sign that you actually understand the meaning of safe sex.

According to a recent survey, it was found that just 1.6 crore people actually wear condoms when having sex. This result stated here is only like a pinch of salt as it was calculated only on the basis of the free condoms that were distributed by the government facilities and is not related to the sales of condoms manufactured by several private firms. But, what is the reason behind Indians not using a condom? Are they actually avoiding it or do they think they can actually avoid unwanted consequences easily?

– Even if you master the behavior of the process and know when to withdraw, there are still 4% chances of accidental pregnancies when not using a condom.

– Checking through the ovulation time also leads to unwanted pregnancies. After all it is all the game of hormones.

– Regular medical checkup is a good way to ensure you have no STDs. But, is your partner equally enthusiastic and sure that she has not conceived an STD?

With the media playing a great role in passing the message about using condoms, you will see ads of condoms flashing on your TV in every few minutes, then why the hitch? If you love your life and want a good health, make sure you use condoms and encourage others to do it as well.