Wipe Off Swine Flu With Cleansing Wipes

prevent swine flu

As a common cold or flu or influenza N1H1 virus spreads through infections. It might be contagious when people who already undergo this pandemic, come into contact of others directly or indirectly.

Swine Flu is very much similar to seasonal flu whence, people often tend to overlook the causes and symptoms. Like seasonal flu, H1N1 virus can cause severe health disorders for some people if not taken good care.

Good and proper hygiene is very important and must to remain healthy and prevent it to spread from one person to another. Hygiene needs to be practised from home itself. Little children, grown ups or elderly people everybody should lead a safe and protected life. Health and hygiene must be catered to with the use of cleansing or wet wipes.

Causes of Swine Flu:

If a person has been infected by this virus coughs or sneezes, minute drops of the virus gets spread into the air. So, if you get in touch with these drops or to such people directly by caring for them, you might be at a risk of catching swine flu.

H1N1 can also cause the flu if you touch a doorknob or sink or for that matter any object that an infected person has currently touched or used.


Symptoms for swine flu are very much similar to seasonal flu. These include:

  • Cough & cold
  • Fatigue & nausea
  • Fever
  • Chills, headache, sore throat



Care for your well being and good health to remain strong and fit. To keep swine flu at bay, you need to follow these precautions that help you in staying healthy and happy.

  • Using masks that cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. This also protects you from getting in touch with swine flu virus in air.
  • Washing your hands quite often throughout a day especially before and after having your food is necessary to prevent the virus spreading and attacking you. After washing your hands, apply hand sanitizer on to your palms.
  • After washing hands and applying sanitizer, your hands need to be wiped off with wet wipes or soft cleansing wipes that clean your hands and leave a fragrance that refreshes you. Also, wipes remove disease causing germs and bacteria from the skin surface.
  • Get vaccinated and immunised against the Swine flu virus.

Health departments and hospitals have started putting up hording, posters and pamphlets to create awareness about the disease in every nook and corner. Besides this, they have also started helpline desks where people can seek for help and safety measures related to hygiene and this disease.

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