Women safety products:The need of the hour


I am a working woman and a mother of a 8 year old girl and I’m not going to shy from the fact that I at times I do not feel safe in my city . The current situation is actually getting from bad to worse and one can expect anything to happen anytime . People are not scared of the law anymore and heinous crimes are being committed every day especially with women . Women safety products is the need of the hour and it’s about time that for women to take care of their own safety and security .

I hate to watch the news or read the newspaper as they are filled with the news of rapes, murders, acid-attacks , kidnappings suicides,the list is endless. I had thought that post the Nirbhaya crime, things might improve as almost the entire stood up for women safety ,but in vain , rather such horrendous crimes have increased with no hoot being given to law and the security of women and children. Equipping oneself  with women safety products like safety alarms, pepper sprays, cameras and other self-defense tools and knives is the only option now. We need to stand up for ourselves and defend ourselves . They say that God helps those who help themselves , so that exactly that should be done . Empowering women is the requirement . Helping them learn self-defense techniques how to handle a situation when they are attacked and the complete knowledge of how can they help keep themselves should be provided . The government and ngo’s should step in more pro-actively to take care of this . The urban women population can to some extent afford to buy these women safety tools and are considered the ‘smarter’ lot . But what about the rural women where these crimes are increasing as I write . As fellow citizens it is our responsibility to help them and make them self-sufficient . The government alone cannot bring about a change ,and also the change cannot happen overnight . The common mass has to assist in this so that more and more women and children can be trained to protect themselves .

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Let me talk to you about an incident that happened some time ago. My house -help of almost 5 years was going through a very difficult phase in life . Her husband had left her and their little daughter and some men in the neighborhood were troubling her because of this . Every night some man or the other used try and  enter her house on the pretext of helping her , but she was well aware of the intentions. It got so bad that she was scared to go back home in evening and used to take her daughter with her to work throughout the day. I could figure out that there was something terribly wrong somewhere and so spoke with her . She told me that no one in her locality was ready to help her out as she had been abandoned by her husband and everyone told that this was her fate . I was so furious and angry at this . I took her to the local police station and asked her to file a complaint against those men who troubled her . I also bought her some women safety products like a pepper spray bottle and a safety knife . I trained her on how to use the same and also connected her with a friend wo used to run self-defense classes for such women in need . It’s been 4 months since then and I’m glad she has learnt to face her trouble makers . No one bothers her anymore and she’s not scared to go home . She is taking good care of her daughter now as they don’t fear for their life any longer .

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This is empowerment , to educate women to take care of themselves so that no man can harm them . We can’t depend on others to help us always , we have to help ourselves , save ourselves from the inhuman lot . So don’t wait any longer , go enroll yourself and your loved one in a self -defense class and equip yourself with some women safety products that have be created for your safety and security . The time has gone for being pitiful and helpless. It is the time to act so that our children can learn from us and we can create a better present and future for them.

This post was first publishedin August 2016


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