World Day For Safety And Health At Work

Safety at work and health

28th April across the world is celebrated as World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Now, why would such a topic require one whole day dedicated to it? Because this is such crucial and basic requirement that many of us tend to overlook it. And it is not just us but many organisations too don’t do anything to protect their employees. For example how many of us have come across labourers working on construction sites who have all their safety gears on them? Hardly any of us! Even in offices, there are hardly any area for the employees to relax from the work load which is the cause of headaches or irritations.

Health and safety play a vital part in the work environment. In order to carry out operations every organisation should make amends for it. The area of safety and health at work is involved with preserving and protecting human and facilitate resources in the place of work and stop unnecessary deaths and injuries to employees. These exercises comprise more than first aid procedures and are in-depth in both scope and practice. Safety and health at work involves emergent of policies and procedures that facilitate employees by averting them from being injured or ill owing to exposure in the workplace. Health refers to general state of well being including emotional, mental and physical. And safety is shielding the worker from physical accidents or any such incidents.

Every organisation should come up with multiple programs for occupational safety and health of their workers. It must be established on the principle that the basic work should be safe work. Create awareness among the world for the injuries, accidents and diseases which occur at work. Precautionary policies and programs are identified to protect workers in perilous professions and sectors. For example in Singapore it’s a must for migrant workers in marine sector and construction sector to attend shipyard safety instruction course and construction safety orientation course. Likewise there are many government and NGO’s in Singapore that are concerned with employee safety and health at workplace.

Campaign to provide a healthy environment in the workplace by introducing activities and space to the employees. Many MNC’s introduce Zumba and Yoga classes for their employees after work which helps in relieving stress. The idea should be the make the workplace comfortable for the employees so they can function in harmony which results in better work for the organisation.

They should develop large scale demonstration programs which target training and small and large organisations persuading the use of new learning knowledge for employees. Appraise and set up minimum quality standards for efficiency of worker training programmes.

Increase awareness on requirements for older, female and ethnic minority employees by educating about infirmities and chronic diseases related to workplace stress and communication skills for cooperation with workers with low level of literacy.

Documenting the accidents and risks is beneficial as it will help in discovery of problem areas in the work place and provide an evidence of when, how and where it occurred.

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