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Pee Safe Wipes is a revolutionary product when it comes to personal hygiene. We travel to a lot of places and we meet all kinds of people. And preventing ourselves from catching any form of infection/disease is a basic necessity. These wipes can be a great tool for personal hygiene as they work instantly and disinfect the area, wherever used. Here is a list of the benefits and applications of PeeSafe Wet Wipes:-

Pee Safe wet wipes


Men and women both are engaged in a lot of sports and training activities like weight training, cycling, trekking, running, etc. During these activities, there are a lot of chances that he/she can get hurt and have a wound. An open wound can attract a lot of germs and dirt and further increase the risk to an individual’s health. PeeSafe Wet Wipes can be used on these wounds to keep it disinfected and dirt free. They work instantly and wipe off any sort of germs present on the surface. This ensures a trouble free sports regime.


It is extremely important to keep the atmosphere of our home clean. It is an abode of a man and he should make sure the entire family is also safe there. There are a lot of guests coming from outside as well as lot of packages that enters our house. This results in accumulation of germs and microbes on books, washrooms, furniture, cutlery, etc. PeeSafe Wet Wipes should be used to wipe off germs from these items to keep the atmosphere of the house germ free.


Office is one place where a person spends majority of his day time. There he/she comes in contact with a lot of new and unknown people. Moreover, lots of common facilities are used in the offices like washrooms, common waiting area, stationary items, meeting rooms, conference rooms and printing machines etc. These places are full of germs and microbes. PeeSafe Wet Wipes, when used at these places, help you keep them germ free and disinfected.


A restaurant is the place where one would need wet wipes a lot. A person is not aware whether the cutlery used for food is free from germs. These wet wipes can wipe off germs from cutleries. A person can use them to clean the hands well. A common restaurant is also a source of germs where these wipes could be very useful.


We tend to travel a lot and we do that mostly through trains and flights. We use airports and train stations in order to catch our mode of transport. They consist of public waiting areas, common wash rooms etc. which are a common source of germs. These wipes could be very useful to remove germs from such places. They can also be used very well in the washrooms and seating areas in trains as well as in planes.


We travel a lot on road in vehicles like buses, cars or vans etc. and these are the common sources of germs and dirt. PeeSafe wipes can be used in such places to keep it free from germs and dirt and disinfect it.

Thus, no matter where you go or where you are, there are a lot of sources of germs and dirt which certainly need to be taken care of. These wipes come in very handy to maintain your personal hygiene at places like these.

So, keep these Pee Safe wipes everywhere and every time in your pouch and remain sterile!

This post was first published in March 2015

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