10 Essential Life-Skill Every Kid Must Know

kids in jungle

It is certain as children grow, they make many mistakes out of their curiosity to know and learn things. They do not know the consequences being young. This is the time you have to make your kids understand few very necessary things that can be useful to them forever.

  1. ‘How’ To Deal With The Strangers:
    You have to make your kids think wise. Do not make them afraid of strangers, instead ask them to be always alert and do not indulge into any mischief that leads them into the unexpected dangers.
  2. ‘How’ To React In A Natural Disaster:
    Teach your kids to assume the weather and predict certain weather changes. And in any case, if the natural disaster occurs, teach you kids not to overreact in such threatening natural imbalances. Make your kids strong and rational.
  3. In Case If They Get Lost:
    It is must thing to make your child know ‘What’ is the name of the place that they are residing. So, in case if they get lost they can take the help of others to find their way back home easily and safely.
  4. Teach Them Basic Navigation Skill:
    Always have a habit to teach your child the ‘way’ to shopping center near by your home. Ask them to guide you the perfect way back home. This would improve the navigation skill among the children.
  5. Ask Them To Remember The Neighborhood:
    You have to assure that your child is friendly and aware of his neighborhood. So, in case of any emergency the child should be able to take help from the neighbors during emergencies.
  6. The Home Address & Phone Number:
    It is must for you to make your child remember the home phone number and address in a way that they can find their home back, in case they get accidentally separated.
  7. The Knowledge Of First-Aid:
    It is must for a child to know about the first aid. Make your child Gain knowledge about the first aid. As & when the child gets bruises and injured, using the medications will help them to avoid the infections and further damage to the body.
  8. The Fire Safety Skills:
    You have to assure that in case of a fire in the place, your kids are prepared with the basic fire safety tips. Teach them how to use a fire extinguisher and how to protect themselves from injuries.
  9. The Places Of Friends & Relatives:
    You have to also make sure that your kids remember the places where your relatives, best friends and family stays. During an emergency, this details memorized by your kid can help you during mishaps.
  10. Remember The Emergency Numbers:
    The numbers like 108 for hospitals, 111 for the police and other such important numbers have to be remembered by the children. Thus, in case of any emergency the kids can help themselves and others by calling the police or the paramedics.