10 Self Defense Tips That Could Come In Handy For Women!


The world we live in, is no longer a safe place. It is full of goons and creeps with criminal minds who simply look for an ideal time to attack their prey, which can be you, me or any person around. But, can we simply allow some creep to mess with our lives? No! We need to fight and win our life back. So, here are some self-defense tips that you should be aware of to fight against your attacker.

  1. Attack in Elevator

Attackers look for lonely places to attack their prey. An elevator is one of the most common places for harassment. So, if you are alone in the elevator with your attacker, PRESS all the buttons on the panel, making sure that the elevator stops in every floor. This will give you a chance to escape or help you get attention of people.

  1. Attack in your house

If attacked in your house, directly go to the kitchen. Being the owner of the house, you will be familiar with places where the knives are or where the spices are. You can use these basic safety devices to protect yourself. And never forget to call the Cops.

  1. Keep a Self-defense ring

In your handbag, always carry a simple but strong Self-Defense ring. This is a small but very handy weapon that can excruciating pain when used rightly.

  1. Attack on the Street

When attacked on the street, hold still and breathe in deeply. Think about all the places you can hit your attacker to get out of the situation. Use your leg, knees and elbows to fight back.

  1. Safety Apps

Technology is a boon in this age. You will find several safety apps that will help your friends and family know that you are in danger. STAY SAFE and MY PANIC ALARM are 2 simple apps that set off the alarms when you don't reach home in time or when you simply touch the alert button in the app. These apps allow your friends and family to take immediate help of police to get you back home safely.

  1. Learn about Body's Weak points

Eyes, neck, groin and ears are some of the most vulnerable points in our body. Remember these points and also learn how to attack your attacker on these points when he tries to attack you. However, make sure you don't get too close to your attacker or he may just grab you and lock your hands. Take each step with caution.

  1. Use a Pepper Spray rightly

When you carry a pepper spray, make sure you know how to use it. You should make sure you point the spray towards your attacker and not your eyes. Also, make sure you know how to open the lock of your pepper spray in time to attack your attacker.

  1. Learn basic ways to fight

Get some self-defense training. For women today, it is a must to learn some basic self-defense techniques to fight your attackers. You may learn anything right from karate, judo to boxing. All you need to ensure is that you fight your attacker rightly.

  1. Follow your instinct

Women are gifted with a natural instinct or call it the sixth sense. Always follow your instinct so that you don't get into problems. When you feel like someone is following you, make sure that you take shelter in a safe place, surrounded by people around you.

  1. Look for Safer locations

If someone is following you, simply go and take help from people without hesitation. Call the police or simply go to the nearest ATM which are always secured with a security officer with a gun.

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This post was first published in November 2015


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